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Places to sleep in the trees

Places to sleep in the trees

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What if we changed the traditional vacation at a hotel or campsite by opting for unusual accommodation? Here are some places to live a Robinson Crusoe life by sleeping in a cabin perched on top of a tree. An immersion in nature awaits you.

The Chevrets campsite

The cabin in the air ### Between Saint-Malo and Cancale, the cabins of the Les Chevrets campsite await you for a stay perched 4 m high facing the sea. Your cabin will offer you a spectacular view.

The old bridge cross

The cabin in the air ### In this four-star campsite you will stay in 34 hectares of flowered and wooded park for a change of scenery in nature. So you will settle in family huts 6 meters above the ground in poplars.

The manor of the resthouse

The cabin in the air ### Try the experience of a night during which you will be perched 6 m above the water between two oaks. This is a real little perched house where you will benefit from water and electricity.


Cap'cabane ### Take advantage of the Landes forest and spend a night 8 meters above the ground in an eco-designed cabin. Shaped like pine cones, the huts blend in with nature to offer you a unique experience.

The Pratmeur valley

Vallée de Pratmeur ### Spend an original weekend in Brittany by investing a cabin perched in nature. For those who are not inspired by height, you will also find caravans and yurts.


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