Bohemian decor and pretty terrace in Paris

Bohemian decor and pretty terrace in Paris

Unfortunately, you can't spend the whole summer enjoying the good weather and the ocean. When the weather arrives, a beautiful sun terrace is a real plus. It's done in this Parisian apartment in the XVIth arrondissement with a bohemian decor imagined by Élodie Sire and her agency Dmesure.

Lazy corner

Dmesure / Elodie Sire In summer, at the end of a long day, would you like to be able to enjoy the last rays of the day's sun in complete privacy? Follow the idea of ​​the agency D.mesure and install a bench in the shade of the trees on your terrace.

Vintage furniture for the office

Dmesure / Elodie Sire In this office, the beautiful rounded wooden furniture perfectly matches the leather chair. A studious and terribly decorative atmosphere.

An arty chic lounge

Dmesure / Elodie Sire Arty chic atmosphere in the living room, with all the codes of the bohemian style. Print, colors and artistic touches are expertly mixed. We thus find three paintings with very distinct styles, from classical painting to its most contemporary form.

Boho chic

Dmesure / Elodie Sire We discover a first bedroom, which surprises with its touches of wild nature. A leopard skin combines with a beautiful cactus.

Quiet in the room

Dmesure / Elodie Sire Another bedroom seduces with its refined and always neat decor. The orange touches of the painting on the floor enhance the midnight blue and purple on the wall.

A touch of vintage

Dmesure / Elodie Sire In this second office, we particularly like the armchair which only needs the tapestry. It brings a vintage and artisanal touch to the room.

Pretty dressing room

Dmesure / Elodie Sire In dressing rooms, clothes and shoes are exposed and become decorative elements in their own right.

A colorful dining room

Dmesure / Elodie Sire In the dining room, the red table surmounts a colorful carpet.

Style down to the kitchen

Dmesure / Elodie Sire The kitchen is adorned with shades of gray, blue and brown. The metal shelves reveal all the pretty dishes. A skillfully crafted staging for an exquisite result. Source: