Choose a wardrobe according to the style of your room

Choose a wardrobe according to the style of your room

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To store clothes in the bedroom, dressing rooms and wardrobes are essential but it is not always easy to choose them. So that your storage is in line with the style of your room, we suggest you discover which wardrobe to choose depending on whether you are more pop, design or nature.

The wardrobe of a charming room

Ikea In this charming attic room, the atmosphere is delicate with flowers on the bed linen and parquet floors with character. So for the wardrobe, we choose a model that respects the charming style with a slightly flea market and old lines.

The wardrobe of a Scandinavian room

Ikea In this room with light tones and a Scandinavian atmosphere that combines wood with white, we extend the style with not one but two wardrobes to play the practical card dear to this design. We therefore install a wardrobe on each side of the bed, respecting the style thanks to the use of light wood.

The wardrobe of a romantic bedroom

Ikea In a delicate and feminine room, we put on a wardrobe that corresponds to the romantic style by choosing a model in bleached wood and whose glass doors let see the beautiful linen.

The wardrobe of an industrial room

Maisons du monde If your bedroom is only raw materials and factory furniture, there is no question of installing a Norman wardrobe! We then put on metal lockers to establish the industrial style.

The wardrobe of a designer bedroom

Paragraph The pure lines of the furniture in this room are matched by those of the wardrobe, which almost disappears in the wall by its simplicity. We choose a white color to further accentuate the discreet effect.

The wardrobe of a contemporary bedroom

But What if your wardrobe reflected the daring contemporary style of your bedroom? We then put on a two-color wardrobe that lights up with a line of very graphic LEDs for a unique look.

The wardrobe of a chic country room

Purpose For a room in the countryside, we respect the authenticity of the place by choosing a solid wood wardrobe that will respond to the rest of the furniture while highlighting raw materials such as stone.

The wardrobe of a classic bedroom

Purpose For a room with classic airs, we will bet on a nice size bleached wood wardrobe which is accompanied by a central mirror in order to give size to the wardrobe.

The wardrobe of a natural room

Fly Finally, if your room is full of natural materials, it will be logical to continue in this line by opting for a wooden wardrobe. And to avoid the massive effect, we swap one of the doors against a curtain.

The wardrobe of a 100% wood bedroom

Goal To create a most natural atmosphere in the bedroom, we put on wood from floor to ceiling! And the wardrobe is not to be outdone by sporting a very pretty raw color.

The wardrobe of a chalet-style bedroom

Ikea Do you want to bring a warm chalet atmosphere to your room? Bet on this raw pine wardrobe accompanied by the chest of drawers designed with the same materials. Combined with more contemporary furniture, the look is perfect!

The wardrobe of a pop room

Ikea We love this room with a pop atmosphere that can also suit parents and teenagers. The wardrobe is adorned with a bright red to awaken the decor and is very practical for storing all the books!

The wardrobe of a geometric room

Maisons du Monde To break the geometric atmosphere of the black and white striped wallpaper, we put on a large wardrobe with a retro look in blond wood. Here is a most original decor, don't you think?

The wardrobe of a current room

Purpose To create a current decor, a bit feminine, in the decor of your room, paint one of the walls in bright purple and opt for furniture with contemporary lines. In gray and white, the small cabinet does not overload the atmosphere.

The wardrobe of an authentic bedroom

Maisons du Monde We fall in love with this room with Provencal accents and old-world charm. The most decorative thing that makes the difference: this very pretty white wardrobe with a patina appearance and beige curtains with an old look.

The wardrobe of a modern bedroom

Purpose To affirm the modern side of this room which has dared the total gray look, we dare a wardrobe that uses the same materials as the frame of the bed and the bedside table. The most practical: a large mirror to prepare in the morning!

The wardrobe of a spring room

Ikea To make spring last throughout the year in the bedroom, we put on bed linen with fresh stripes and cushions with floral patterns. The most that illuminates the room: a bright red wardrobe that sets the tone for the decor!

The wardrobe of a Zen room

Ikea Want to give a Zen and soothing atmosphere to the decor of your room? Adopt without delay this very long wardrobe made up of numerous wicker baskets!

The wardrobe of a girly room

Ikea Two styles of wardrobes meet in this resolutely girly room. A piece of furniture with lockers with pink baskets and another tall one in blue metal, like a cloakroom. All in a most successful harmony.


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