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10 beautiful bouquets to bring in spring

10 beautiful bouquets to bring in spring

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Bring spring into your home with a graceful bouquet of flowers. A way to invite nature and celebrate the return of the sun. Colorful, smelling of the countryside, they evoke the renewal of the seasons and bring us out of winter.

A wreath of flowers

Maisons du Monde Take inspiration from Indian traditions and decorate your interior with flower crowns. To hang from a mirror or a painting, they dress your interior in different ways.

A caged bouquet

Fly Create a romantic scene by decorating your fireplace with pretty bouquets topped with wire bells. Accentuate your effect by adding butterflies or small colorful birds to your bouquets.

A bouquet in a Japanese spirit

Fly A large white vase and a few branches of a fruit tree will be enough to create a Japanese spirit to your decor. Very graphic, it dresses in the same way as a painting.

Coordinate your bouquet with your furniture

Fly Here, the blue of the hydrangea echoes the blue of the armchair. A reminder of the flagship color that dresses the room.

Flowers coordinated with your decor

Ikea Here, the floral motif of the curtain comes to life in the decor with the spring bouquet placed on the living room table. For a decor in perfect communion with nature.

A poetic bouquet

Fly A very simple recipe to reproduce at home: take a white vase, place some grasses inside and then sprinkle around a few paper flowers. You get a poetic bouquet.

Not a green thumb?

Ikea If you do not have the green, do not risk the life of these poor innocent flowers and prefer them on the curtains for a green wall throughout the year.

A bouquet of dried flowers

Fly To bloom your home during all seasons, dried flowers are a good alternative. But in fine weather, brighten it up with a few flowering branches.

An undergrowth

Fly Recreate the special atmosphere of the undergrowth by placing plant moss in the center of your table. To buy from a florist or to glean during a walk in the forest, this fluffy carpet is an original way to bring nature into your decor.