Healthy cooking methods: essential appliances

Healthy cooking methods: essential appliances

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Cooking food in a healthy way does not just mean avoiding fried foods and fat. For a food to retain its vitamins and properties, it must be cooked quickly or at a low temperature. To make your cooking healthy every time, there are a few devices made to simplify your life.

Bamboo steam baskets

Kitchen Craft Originally used in oriental cuisine, the bamboo steamer basket allows healthy cooking of food and preserves its minerals, tastes and colors. Easy to use, it is simply placed above a pot of boiling water. Kitchen Craft Two-Tier Bamboo Steamer, € 25.53 at Amazon

Modern steam cooking

Russell Hobbs This is the modern alternative to bamboo baskets. Many brands of kitchen appliances offer an electric steamer. Just plug it into the mains and then fill the basin with water to cook your food. Russell Hobbs Steamer, € 39.65 at Amazon

For faster cooking

Fissler Pressure cookers or pressure cookers allow steam cooking up to 70% faster by keeping the steam under pressure. Be careful not to open it until the vapor it contains has completely escaped. Fissler pressure cooker, € 214.90 at Videlice

For delicious crunchy vegetables

Mathon The wok provides two types of cooking. You can use it to fry your food as well as for steamed leather by adding a simple grid. Its raised edges allow good conservation of the nutrients contained in food. Large non-stick wok, € 33.19 at Mathon

The slow cooker

Crockpot Slow cookers allow long cooking at low temperatures that you don't need to watch. They are ideal for so-called "simmered" dishes such as beef bourguignon.

Sous-vide cooking

SousVide It is certainly the cooking method which allows the best conservation of the energetic properties of our food. Cooking takes place in two stages: putting the food in a suitable vacuum bag and then cooking with water at low temperature. There are machines, like this model from the SousVide brand, which allow you to carry out the two stages at home. SousVide Supreme Machine, € 319 at Meilleur du Chef

Simply in the oven

You will understand that the best way to achieve healthy cooking is to cook your food at a low temperature. Many commercial ovens are capable of doing this today, you just have to check if yours can. Four Sauter, € 379.99 at Cdiscount

Friendly and healthy at the same time

Severin Several user-friendly cooking appliances allow healthy cooking. Here is a first example with this Severin table grill with non-stick coating that does not require the addition of fat. Severin table grill, € 36.95 at Amazon

The pierrade

Tefal On the same principle, this stone in the flashy color ... Practical and decorative at the same time! Pierrade Tefal, € 37.99 at Amazon


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