What type of barbecue to choose?

What type of barbecue to choose?

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A summer without barbecues is no longer a summer. So in anticipation of the beautiful days to come, we are thinking of equipping ourselves! Table model, gas, charcoal, with induction, plancha, braziers: all spaces, small or large, and all desires are served. It remains to determine which one suits you best in this small illustrated summary.

A charcoal barbecue

Paragraph Get a delicious smoked flavor thanks to the embers: yes, to cook any type of meat by giving it an authentic grilled flavor, nothing like a charcoal barbecue!

A gas barbecue

Delamaison Do not bother to light the fire, the starting point for a classic barbecue: that is the whole point of gas barbecues. With one click, cooking is ready to start, and it gives off no smoke that can sting our eyes! In short, here, speed and ease are required.

A brazier

Barbecook Choosing a brazier means adopting the barbecue concept for all seasons! Indeed, these cast iron bases do not just cook our food: they also heat the terrace like an extra fireplace. Around them, the guests meet for lunches and maximum convivial evenings. Or the best way to extend the pleasure of outdoor grilling…

A plancha

Barbecook Choosing a plancha rather than a barbecue means opting for less fatty and healthier grills! The principle: an enameled cast iron baking sheet on which we cook both meat and fish and shellfish. In short, a tradition from the Basque Country that has become the new trend to follow when it comes to light summer grilling!

A smoking room

Barbecook There is something even healthier than a plancha: a smokehouse. An atypical design for a barbecue concept, but to get as much smoked meat flavor as possible, we say yes!

A barbecue integrated into the outdoor kitchen

Barbecook If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen, you might as well equip it directly with a barbecue area rather than cluttering up with a separate model!

An induction model

Barbecook Innovation latest generation for this induction island for grilling and cooking! Its advantage compared to an ordinary barbecue: its power, four times greater, and its "kitchen furniture" look to feel like a cook outside as it would be inside.


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