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Children's decorative furniture from Camomile London

Children's decorative furniture from Camomile London

Camomile London has surely fulfilled the dream of many parents, concerned about the importance of beauty, by offering a collection that goes against the grain of children's fashion. By offering attractive accessories for the bedroom of babies and children, the English brand indeed invites good taste to the little ones. We love the English style revisited of textiles, both refined and refined, which combine with designer furniture, worked and evolving. Discovery in pictures of a brand for which design has no age.

A baby bed that dares to design

Camomile London For the little ones, Camomile London offers an evolutive cot with bars, both colorful (eight finishes are available) and design. Thanks to a removable side, the cradle becomes a couch when baby grows (it is also possible to enlarge the bed thanks to an additional element, sold separately, to see even further). We love its lines and its elegance as well as its eco-responsible design designed by Studio Kalon.

Bed or bench?

Camomile London Our favorite for this children's daybed, created by Studio Kalon, found at Camomile London. With its very drawn lines of Scandinavian inspiration, it does not put the design aside (we especially love the magnificent design of the feet) and plays the personalized color, beautifully worked in eight shades. Not only beautiful, this bed is also respectful of our dear toddlers since it is made of natural wood and the paints do not contain any toxic solvent: a flawless one!

Children's fabrics that taste

Camomile London Camomile London offers to dress the rooms of the little ones with as much care as those of their parents. Cushions, duvets and textile accessories are adorned with geometric patterns and play with subtle color to brighten up children's worlds with taste. Exit teddy bears, stars and other standardized rabbits and welcome to pretty English fabrics, embroidery and graphic prints!

Linen that gently covers the little ones' beds

Camomile London The 2016 Camomile London collection offers bed linen suitable for children while following design trends. Pretty neutral colors (greige, water green or shades of gray) rub shoulders with worked blues and powdered roses. We love these very soft shades which bring cheerfulness without displaying the garish colors usually reserved for children.

Small colorful braided benches

Camomile London We love the Fudje small braided benches, inspired by traditional crafts. Made in Greece by local artisans, these small pieces of furniture divert the laces to create an atypical and comfortable seat. With their sparkling colors, they will decorate a child's room with a lot of style.

An office for the little ones, a bench for the big ones

Camomile London Coloring does not wait! And to learn to draw well, you might as well do it on the beautiful. Camomile London offers a small office for this, which has everything you need. A pretty wooden base, very stable, on which the table top with rounded corners is installed. Positive point for parents: the desk is transformed into a bench for older children! A practical and aesthetic double game designed by the creators of Mum and Dad Factory. Also exists in white.

The chest of drawers that makes you crack

Camomile London The Caravan dresser responds to the bed of the same name to furnish the children's room in an original and responsible way. We like the customizable color rim, which twists the very beautiful light wood and brings a touch of pep to the room, just like the small worked feet which give it an air of cartoon character.

Clouds on the walls

Camomile London To dream with your head in the clouds, you quickly install these wooden shelves, to disseminate here and there in the baby's room. In one piece, the shelf features very soft and rounded shapes that blend perfectly with the light color of the wood. A nice detail.

A curvy children's chair

Camomile London When textiles and decor put everything on color, we opt for light, well-designed wooden furniture, elegant and suitable for children. The Rattan chair, created by Mum and Dad Factory, plays on roundness and softness. Its rounded base and backrest, without any dangerous angle, puts design at the service of the little ones and we love it!