Coffee break !

Coffee break !

At the table, each gourmet moment has its own dishes! So no question of not treating the coffee break! For this, we offer mugs and decorative cups according to your style that will serve as well for breakfast, afternoon tea or at the end of the meal. Discover our selection in pictures.

Designer mugs

Pantone For a designer look, we put on the cups of the now famous color authority. Each mug has a shade of color along with its reference. We do not hesitate to choose a shade for each member of the family.

Graphic cups

Marimekko To give relief to the table, we put on very graphic cups with for example black polka dots on white signed by the designer Marimekko. The goblet style will not fail to modernize the whole for an effective design.

Immaculate white coffee cups

LSA International If you want a classic, chic and timeless style, you can turn to traditional cups that display extreme whiteness. In this case, do not hesitate to coordinate all the dishes in pure white.

Patchwork coffee cups

Sema Design Do you want to give a very cheerful Slavic side to coffee time? Opt for large cups and their spoons which feature different patterns like patchwork. Do not hesitate to marry cups with different patterns.

Coffee cups with abstract patterns

Sema Design For a coffee break in all poetry, the patterns of your cups do not have to be figurative. On the contrary, abstract patterns will allow your imagination to fly away. We opt for example for a mug which oscillates between a marine and vegetable motif.

Retro cups

Maisons du monde What if the coffee break was an opportunity to go back a few years back with goblets with retro patterns? Inspired by advertisements from the past, they will make a splash in a vintage interior.

Bar coffee cups

Amadeus To give a bistro feel to your interior, you will find coffee cups that take up the look of the coffee models. Thus, coffee can be taken "on the terrace" in all elegance.

Coffee cups in trendy colors

Paragraph For a trendy touch at coffee time, we think of choosing trendy colors. For this, we opt for models that sport taupe or gray. The cups will match the rest of the decor.

Discreet coffee mugs

The Collection To serve coffee in style without compromising on originality, these white mugs have a discreet message to let guests know what they are intended for.