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A pretty cottage in the English countryside

A pretty cottage in the English countryside

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In the pretty little town of Ringwood in Great Britain, the architecture and design firm Walk Architecture & Design has been awarded the complete renovation of a small cottage in very poor condition. After their passage, the latter is no more than a bad memory. The interior decoration very exactly echoes what we imagine when we think of a real British cottage: walls adorned with pretty printed wallpapers, vintage airs in the kitchen and beautiful comfortable armchairs. A real change of scenery.

Vintage in the kitchen

Walk Interior Architecture & Design Any self-respecting cottage must have a kitchen with a vintage design. A look that goes, among other things, by household appliances as here with this very beautiful black cooking piano.

The dining area

Walk Interior Architecture & Design For an older look, Walk Interior had the good idea of ​​using mismatched furniture. Around the pretty dining room table, there are four different chairs.

The veranda

Walk Interior Architecture & Design The cottage spirit also hangs in the veranda. The room offers a nice view of the British countryside and looks very cozy with its rattan furniture and wallpaper printed with feathers.

A very British TV room

Walk Interior Architecture & Design Nothing could be more "British" than tartan. In this cottage, he even invites himself on the walls of this TV room. A cozy and warm place with neat decor.

An eclectic lounge

Walk Interior Architecture & Design For a cottage's interior to be credible, it must not look too new. If, in each room, the paintings and floors are impeccable, it is the furniture that gives all its charm to the house. This living room is the perfect example of this, with its large tartan sofa and flowery cushions.

The essential leather armchair

Walk Interior Architecture & Design Club or Chesterfield, the leather armchair or sofa is absolutely essential for any self-respecting cottage!

The old-fashioned bathroom

Walk Interior Design The charm of the house extends to the decoration of the bathroom. We find the vintage touch of the house with the black and white checkered tiles, the hip bath and wallpapers printed with flamingos.

Room from another time

Walk Interior Architecture & Design With its woven wicker wood bed and beige wallpaper, the master bedroom seems almost out of another era. Only bring back to us the linen bed linen and the red bedside lamps.

Patchwork in the bedroom

Walk Interior Architecture & Design In what seems to be the bedroom for children or teenagers, everything recalls the colorful patchwork bedspread: the cushion of the pink steel chairs, the two different wallpapers as well as the four different lampshades. * Source: Walkid *