10 pretty cat trees that fit into your decor

10 pretty cat trees that fit into your decor

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Lifestyle for cats


The idea of ​​the French company Meyou? Offer lifestyle items that will be appreciated by cats as well as by their owners. The result is design and in tune with the times to blend into our interiors thanks to careful materials and well thought out lines. The Gray Bed by Meyou, € 299 If the spirit of this cozy Scandinavian-style nest for your cat appeals to you, you will surely also like the Amadeus model (€ 59.90)

Design sculpture

The one

Without the presence of a cat inside the tree, it would be difficult to know if it is a contemporary art sculpture or a chic piece of furniture for cats. Take advantage of this ambiguity to offer your pet an accessory that will not distort your interior. The One XL design cat tree, € 1,390 If you like the superimposed box spirit of this cat tree, you will surely also like this DIY version or even at a low price.

Two in one

Pet interiors

To prevent your living room from turning into a pet store, bet on two-in-one furniture: both sleeping and cat tree. All dressed in leather to match your sofa and with a cushion color that you can choose from eight colors. Rondo Stand cat bed by Pet Interiors, € 629 We also offer other oval and design cat trees: Vesper lounge cat tree, € 197.90 The cat tree - Karlie basket, € 115 Le Nymphéa de Riga, € 79.90

Sleek design


A cat tree yes, but on the condition that it is discreet! This is answered with this sleek totem tower furniture. In light wood on one side, it offers a scratching post on the other to please your animal. As a bonus: a play area below and a relaxation area on top.

Cat perched

Cat perched

Made to order within 4 weeks by the French company Chat Perché, this chic cat tree provides platforms in raw oak with removable cushions and a sisal space for your pet to claw. French luxury cat version. Edelweiss de Chat Perché, € 268 You can also make a beautiful natural and designer cat tree using a few wooden planks, a chair pad and large twine. Passiparisienne explains how to do it here

The natural cat tree


Because cats are generally crazy about cardboard, Cat-on had the idea of ​​using it to create cat trees which will also serve as scratching posts. In addition to being ecological, the products in the range offer a contemporary and playful design that you will exhibit without blushing. Cat-on S XL Line, € 349.95

Tree to be modulated


No, this impressive device is not the new library of a trendy designer but rather the Katris cat tree imagined in modules so that you can create the shape and size that will best suit your decoration. Clever! Katris Blocks + Black Covers by Katris, € 290

Cat Totem


The decorative rule of three also works for cat trees: three modules are prettier! Gather three wooden logs revisited in a design version, that's the idea of ​​Petsmood which transforms the cat tree into a design sculpture. Why not try to create it in DIY by recovering pretty wooden logs, for a more economical version! Saltato from Petsmood, € 364

Eccentric shelf


Does your interior play the graphic card with contemporary furniture? Continue in this line for your cat tree too. With this high and playful model from Wohnblock, the latter may well become a centerpiece of your decoration. Wohnblock Retro, € 1,590