Home appliances around coffee

Home appliances around coffee

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To start the day off right, to finish a meal in style, to re-energize in the hollow of an overly monotonous afternoon, our ally, our savior, is coffee! Tribute to this energy drink around dedicated household appliances.

Retro coffee maker Designed by a chemist in the United States in the 1940s, this extra coffee maker with a simple and refined design is a decorative object in its own right. Its retro look, witness to period kitchens, even earned it to be exhibited at Moma, in New York!

Classic coffee maker

Feel & Co Classic but available in a wide range, this coffee maker offers us a version that is both simple, space saving and decorative for the coffee break.

Porcelain coffee maker

Ferm Living As chic as a teapot, this porcelain coffee maker is a separate band to accompany breakfasts and coffee breaks with chic.

Electric coffee maker

Purpose Between the basic coffee maker and the capsule machines, the in-between is the electric coffee maker! Here is a basic but aesthetic version, white color and small note of purple color to support it.

Single capsule machine

Geneviève Lethu The capsule machines are slowly stealing the show from other modes of coffee making. Normal, just press the button to get an absolutely perfect espresso.

Double capsule machine

Kenwood Better than a simple capsule machine, there is the capsule machine with the capacity to concoct two coffees in one go. High class.

Retro capsule machine

KitchenAid Back to basics! This is the very principle of trends that run out but that ultimately, come back to gallop. Curves and rounded lines, coffee grinder included, flow like a bistro: for a latest generation device, we have rarely recognized the retro influence so much! And to tell you the truth, we love it.


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