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How to hide the trash in your kitchen?

How to hide the trash in your kitchen?

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Do you find your trash unsightly or do you want to find a system to hide your recycling bins in your kitchen? Under the sink or the worktop, in a piece of furniture or even in a drawer ... Discover our clever ideas and products so that your waste does not invade your room and stay out of sight.

Use a corner cupboard to put your sorting bins

Valente Design Difficult to put a trash can in a corner cupboard ... And yet, our kitchens are not lacking! Work around the problem by choosing a trash can, which will fit perfectly in your kitchen items. You will simply have to empty the bin regularly.

Hiding your trash in a piece of furniture

Dawn Nicole What if you made your custom bin? This is the idea that blogger Dawn Nicole had when building a piece of furniture to accommodate her trash can, with a specific opening that is similar to that of a garbage chute. Your waste will be well hidden!

Put your trash under a work plan

Alpes Inox In a central island or below a work surface, it can be difficult to integrate a trash can. Consider purchasing this type of kitchen accessory, which will allow you to store your utensils but also to hide your trash can. The latter will also be fairly easy to access when you are in the middle of preparing a recipe.

Hanging your trash can on a closet door

Home Depot If you have lots of storage space in your kitchen, take the opportunity to hang a garbage bin directly in one of your cupboards. You can opt for a specific model or fix a small trash can yourself. You will have fewer bad smells in your room and you will save space.

Hide your trash in a cabinet under the sink

Arthur Bonnet The kitchen designer Arthur Bonnet had the ingenious idea of ​​creating compartmentalized storage in a piece of furniture to be placed under the sink. Between cleaning products, you can put one or more trash cans to save space in the kitchen.

Facilitate access to the trash

The Home Depot If you want to place your trash can in a kitchen cupboard, it can be difficult to access if it has a lid. Install it on a sliding structure, which will take it out of the closet when you open the door.

Put your sorting bins in a drawer

ModulHome In a slightly large drawer, install selective sorting bins to be able to separate your waste directly in the kitchen. They will thus be hidden from view. Choose models with handles to be able to empty them more easily in the recycling bins of your home.

Dedicate a kitchen drawer to garbage

Cuisissimo Another tip for hiding a trash can in a kitchen item: transform your cupboard into a trash can. Exit the container to hang, here the installation was directly fixed in the cupboard: you just have to pull on the handle and throw your waste.


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