Tips for sorting dirty laundry more easily

Tips for sorting dirty laundry more easily

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Doing your laundry is sometimes an obstacle course. You often have to run all over the house to gather everyone's dirty laundry, empty the teenager's jeans pockets, separate the color bench, the delicate laundry from the tea towels, and all that before you even think of being able to launch a machine . Here are some simple tips that will make your life easier and save you time.

Have a space dedicated to laundry

Ikea It really is ideal. Whatever the size or layout of your accommodation, try to dedicate a space, even a small one, to clean and dirty laundry. With a little imagination, it's easy to organize a laundry area in a small bathroom.

Put your laundry in the dirty every day

Pixabay / PublichDomainArchive This rule applies to everyone living under your roof: dirty laundry is put in the basket every day. A precept that allows the person in charge of the machines to quickly visualize the needs of each.

Place laundry baskets at strategic locations

Ikea To facilitate the application of our previous advice, follow this one: place baskets of dirty laundry in several places at home, especially if your home is large. Laundry baskets are most often placed in bathrooms or laundry areas.

Sort at source

IKEA There are pieces of furniture created to simplify your life, such as this Ikea linen cabinet. It actually contains two baskets that will do the bulk of the separation of the laundry. For example, you can put light laundry in the top basket and dark laundry in the bottom one. * Lillangen linen cabinet, ** € 99 ** at Ikea *

The special case of new clothes

PIxabay / WDnet New clothes, because they tend to rub off during their first wash, must absolutely be washed separately and therefore isolated from the rest of the laundry.

Establish a routine

Pixabay / Unsplash This is still the best solution and it will help you when you are fine-tuning your laundry sorting. Establish a routine: Tuesday, white machine; Thursday, delicate laundry; sheets on Saturday. You will always know where you are.

Don't just take colors into account

Pixabay / Efraimstochter If you want to do it, sorting dirty laundry should not only take into account the colors of clothing and other textiles. For example, sheets, a bath towel and a cloth, often cotton, should be washed more intensively. So remember to sort your laundry by degree of soiling.

Be regular

Pixabay / Jonathan Brodsky Above all, be regular. Try to stick to the established routine if you do not want to end up with a mountain of dirty laundry in a corner of your home, as in the picture.

Maintain good organization for the next steps

Pixabay / Romi For optimal turnover between clean and dirty laundry and so that you never run out of clothes or sheets, push your organization further than just sorting the laundry. Quickly after washing and drying it, remember to iron it - if necessary - then put it away.