Nuage Café, design and connected coworking

Nuage Café, design and connected coworking

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Are you "without a fixed office"? Don't worry, the Nuage Café welcomes you in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris. After several months of work, this coworking café was created in November 2015 and quickly became the favorite spot for freelancers and students. Designed by the architects Cardinal & Rogeon, the place charms with its atypical decor and its connected offer. Visit !

Cozy atmosphere inside

Josiane Asmane Inside, a scandi atmosphere with mismatched Tolix chairs, wooded furniture and a beautiful wicker pendant lamp. Each piece has been carefully picked for a warm and cozy look, a touch of retro.

Flying to the moon

Josiane Asmane The main room is full of atypical objects, like this cardboard tree, designed by "En Goguette", specialist in the subject. The mottled trunks serve as low tables, placed on the floor. On the wall, a wallpaper where characters in a hot air balloon bicker to access the sky and next to it, books whose titles all include the word "cloud". A colorful decoration with a very sure taste, reference to the "Cloud" and to the calm and softness of the clouds.

Whistle while working

Josiane Asmane To create exchange and facilitate circulation, the main room offers numerous individual and common tables with antique furniture. School chairs bring character, for a calm and studious atmosphere, which does not prevent conviviality.

An atypical meeting room

Josiane Asmane Far from the classic meeting rooms, the workspaces feature an offbeat decor with hangers hanging in the shape of a cloud. Unlimited WiFi, printers, paper boards, slate boards, electrical outlets, the equipment is on top to welcome entrepreneurs and start-ups.

An inspired decor for efficient work

Josiane Asmane Upstairs, another meeting room with an eclectic decor with wooden furniture, industrial lamps and a vintage world map. The goal: to feel at home.

A well deserved rest

Josiane Asmane To work efficiently, nothing better than a short break! The relaxation areas in the alcove have everything you need for a break: cushions, mattresses for an express nap, designer rocking chairs… A real * home sweet home * decoration.

It's all in the details

Josiane Asmane Here, decorative accessories are king to create a good atmosphere. Hanging globes, books galore, music area with piano and score ... You feel as good, if not better, than at home.

Self-serve buffet

Josiane Asmane A selection of coffees and pastries awaits you at the counter and… at will! Yes, the sweet / savory buffet is served continuously and included in the price. Here, we pay by the hour and not by consumption. Special mention to the cement tiles on the floor and the books that can be borrowed near the fridge where you can place your business card.

Two brothers on a little cloud

Josiane Asmane Who is hiding behind the Cloud Café? Benjamin and Emmanuel Watrinet, two twin brothers ex engineer and consultant. Determined to create their business, they have long sought a connected café to work on their project in the evening. Faced with the lack of offers, they then decided to create a cozy spot for the connected generation. More than a bistro, the Nuage Café wants to be unique by its design and the exchanges it allows. Conferences and workshops are thus organized to facilitate meetings and the sharing of skills. Your new partner may be at the next table! Nuage Café 14 rue des Carmes 75005 Paris