Bath accessories stand out

Bath accessories stand out

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Soaps, body milks, make-up and hair brushes are making their revolution. The objective: to claim the status of decorative accessories. A request that we gladly grant them, because despite their small size, they embody the very soul of the bathroom. But above all, chosen in chic styles and staging, they prove to us that they deserve it…


Ikéa Arranged in beautiful transparent bottles, these massage and body oils decorate the bathroom shelves with chic. Because she's worth it.


Happyspace We love this idea of ​​an inverted brush, on which it is easy to plant the whole panoply of makeup. Unusual and decorative!

Pretty bottles

Ikea From hand balms to liquid soaps to bathroom brushes, everyone has adopted either a chic design or beautiful containers to have a say in the final decor of the bathroom.


Ikéa Just have nice bottles (toilet water, body milk, shower gel) on the shelves next to the mirror to give life to the chic version decor.


Ikea Divinely feminine, this collection of varnishes, nail files and eye lighthouses carefully staged makes it good to show off.


Ikéa Housed in black and lacquered fuchsia storage, toothbrushes and makeup have the keys in hand to inject a glamorous note into the bathroom.


AM.PM When the bathroom is full of decorative toilet accessories, it looks a bit like that: combs placed in white and silver braided storage, liquid Marseille soap sheltered in chic vials and soap plant deposited here and there, uncovered.

Japanese style

Spoiler Storage supports sometimes make all the difference. This is the case of these white or gray pebbles in which toothbrushes would almost be discovered, a decorative talent.


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