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Wallpaper imitates wood in 10 lessons

Wallpaper imitates wood in 10 lessons

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The Maison & Objet 2013 fair crowned living as a decoration theme for the future. In the home, this translates into a return to nature with living materials such as wood. The good news is that you can create a wood effect in no time by using wallpaper. Discover 10 wooded patterns to appropriate.

Wood logs

Grandeco Similarly, you may prefer stacked logs that will create a wooden wall effect in your living room or in another room of the house. The balanced effect of the wood creates a very graphic visual sensation. Know that you can reduce the "chalet" effect by opting for a contemporary decor with clean lines.

Cubed wood

Lutece If you want the warmth of wood while wanting a fairly contemporary spirit, you can opt for this original wallpaper which presents an accumulation of wooden cubes. Very graphic, it offers a geometric side to your walls and gives depth to the whole for a bold rendering.

Wooden wall

Graham & Brown And for a more orderly but no less decorative result, we put on this wallpaper which evokes a wooden hut and which will transform your simple wall into a wooden wall which one could find in the Canadian forest. Quite modern, this wallpaper will adapt to a design atmosphere.

Cut logs

Lutece This original and very graphic wall is inspired by Hungarian point parquet floors while also recalling the principle of marquetry which allows you to create drawings using wood. The logs are therefore placed at the tip for an original effect.

Burnt wood effect

Saint Maclou To give originality to your walls, you can opt for a burnt wood effect wallpaper that will give a blackened side to the grain of the wood. It fits perfectly into a contemporary interior and allows you to get out of the traditional brown of wood.

A birch forest

Homology Feel free to use trompe l'oeil wallpaper to create a new perspective in your interior. For example, choose a wallpaper that imitates a birch forest to give perspective to your living room and give it a natural breath.

Bamboo buildup

Homology For a more exotic but no less woody atmosphere, you will opt for an imitation of bamboo stems which will make your interior a zen and natural place ideal to help you relax.

Wooden planks

Homology If you prefer more traditional walls, you will find wallpaper that uses wood siding to give the impression that it is entirely made of wood. You will find several shades of wood according to your tastes and your interior.

Shutters on the walls

Homology Finally, for an original touch, you can bet on trompe l'oeil elements to install on your wall. Thanks to this wallpaper, for example, your wall seems lined with wooden shutters for a soothing and warm louvre spirit.