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The new space savings in 2016 from Espace Loggia

The new space savings in 2016 from Espace Loggia

In 2016, Espace Loggia, the French specialist in space-saving furniture, treats us with this aesthetic and custom-made furniture which favors scalability, modularity and versatility. On the program for this new collection: DKlé, an improved version of its Champ Libre mobile platform which offers exclusive layouts and new solutions for organizing its interior, three new trendy colors for furniture that perfectly matches its decor and a revisited version of the Attic balcony mezzanine, now available with a fitted dressing room. Discovery!

Multiplied storage

Loggia area Equipped with very practical storage boxes, it allows you to compile in a single space day and night area. Rather smart!

Small space with great comfort

Espace Loggia Because it is often difficult to create a dining area in a small studio, Espace Loggia has imagined the Dklé model with dining table. Like the three in one photo triptych, this two in one model plays on functions as needed.

Nice dimensions

Espace Loggia A new model with a large retractable high table (180 cm long and up to 86 cm wide) which allows family and friends to be accommodated in a practical and comfortable way.

Special students

Espace Loggia In a limited space, the choice of furniture is important. All the more so when you are still a student. This is the reason why Espace Loggia imagined the DKlé model with desk.

Increased options

Espace Loggia In addition to its foldaway bed, it has a generous fixed work surface, drawers and long shelves for storing and keeping books and other work materials nearby.

Space optimization

Espace Loggia For even more comfort in its small space or in its bedroom, exit the traditional mezzanine. In 2016, the brand's iconic fold-away bed has been given a facelift and now includes a folding secretary. And there is something for all tastes and all ages!

Studious retreat

Espace Loggia With two boxes and an overhead lighting system, the DKlé secretary combines writing comfort and minimal space.

New colors

Espace Loggia Faced with the craze for neutral colors this season, the brand also offers three new colors in 2016: two shades of gray and a very soft yellow to further assert its personality. Shades that join the ranks of the 24 already available, like this pretty shade of beige.

New option

Espace Loggia Finally, to celebrate the ten years of existence of the Attica mezzanine, the brand has equipped its model with a new dressing option which allows the user to properly store all of his wardrobe and inspect it in no time.