Vintage decor and souvenirs from China in a pretty family house in Saint-Nazaire

Vintage decor and souvenirs from China in a pretty family house in Saint-Nazaire

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Seduced and inspired by the soul and the decorative potential of this 1930 m² house of 80 m², interior decorator and architect Charlotte Cittadini took up the daring bet to make it a family house of 120 m². How? 'Or' What ? By arranging with taste and cunning the attic left in its own juice and offering a second life to the furniture bequeathed by the former owners of the place. Overflowing with good vibes, this dream home is a beautiful invitation to happiness. Just for us, Charlotte opened the doors to her vintage cocoon.

A vintage-inspired living room

Charlotte Cittadini In the living room, Charlotte discovered that the carpet concealed a magnificent parquet floor, which she therefore decided to keep, as did the sofa. As for the armchairs and coffee tables, they were hunted down by him.

A modernized fireplace corner

Charlotte Cittadini On the fireplace side, Charlotte opted for a Prussian blue wall carefully selected from the paint manufacturer Guittet. What caulk a little more the atmosphere of this large bright room after dark.

A beautiful vintage and graphic open kitchen

Charlotte Cittadini When visiting the house for the first time, Charlotte realized that the kitchen had not been damaged by time and that she could therefore keep it as it was. For the rest, she simply changed the credenza, preferring gray graphic cement tiles to the existing beige tiles, and raised the worktop.

Souvenirs of China and shades of blue dining room side

Charlotte Cittadini Open onto the living room and the kitchen, the dining room features a superb vintage teak furniture revamped by Charlotte, a table and chairs from the former owners covered with a more graphic and contemporary fabric. And to create a beautiful unity of colors between the rooms of this vast living space, and to move from one room to another very smoothly, the interior designer has bet on elegant shades of blue.

A retro and optimized 12 m² office

Charlotte Cittadini In her 12 m² office, Charlotte played the optimization card to the limit by designing the furniture and shelves which were then made in painting medium, by her artisan father and tinted with Galane green, a tone unearthed in the color chart of the Seigneurie painting editor. On the walls, a sublime graphic Hick's Hexagon wallpaper has taken place.

Focus on cement tiles and the old staircase

Charlotte Cittadini At first charmed by the cement tiles and the period wooden substructures, Charlotte was then seduced by the old wooden staircase which leads to the rooms.

A holiday-like room

Charlotte Cittadini Formerly leading to an attic, the old staircase now serves two bedrooms, a baby room and a bathroom. In the sleeping area of ​​Charlotte and her spouse, place a cozy atmosphere with a holiday spirit skillfully created thanks to an Imperial blue from Guittet, married to bedside tables painted in Lichen, a shade chosen by the same publisher of paintings. On the wall, a host of trays, wicker baskets, and china dishes below on the right, on the left, have taken place to create a pretty collection and act as a stylish headboard.

Retro touches in the bathroom

Charlotte Cittadini In the bathroom, the decorator wanted a retro atmosphere that would never go out of fashion. This is why she chose metro style tiles. On the floor, it has kept the parquet floor and, on the wall, an Opaline color, still at Guittet.

Relaxation and relaxed lifestyle in the garden

Charlotte Cittadini Clou de la visite, a beautiful 70 m² garden tastefully furnished and conducive to moments of sweetness with family and friends, under the mariligerian sun. More info about Charlotte Cittadini