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The special Valentine's Day table decoration, from morning to evening!

The special Valentine's Day table decoration, from morning to evening!

The approaching Valentine's Day makes us think quickly about an idea for a gift, surprise or restaurant. But we, we preferred to think of a better way to enjoy the day in love, from breakfast to dinner…

10 hour break

Ambiance & Styles Feeling hungry before the twelve knocks striking the half day? Prick a few sweets on a tray and above all share them!

Lunch alone

Ambiance & Styles A pretty pink tablecloth, fresh and flowery dishes, all set up alone. Here is a beautiful table set for a romantic lunch.

Afternoon tea

Maisons du Monde You had not planned to taste, but your other half, yes! Small coffee and sweet treats bring sweetness in the middle of this afternoon like no other.

Tea time

Maisons du Monde An hour later, it's tea time! The atmosphere is bucolic and romantic, especially if this moment is accompanied by a delicate bouquet of roses.

Gourmet aperitif

Ambiance & Styles - Delamaison Before going to the table, of course, we start with a gourmet aperitif. Displays and bells are at the wedding so as not to put aside the decorative aspect!

Seafood starter valentine

Ambiance & Styles An entry worthy of a restaurant Want to start the meal with seafood? Ok, but if you do it right! Use accessories like in a restaurant and make this moment unique.

Candle light dinner

La Redoute Interiors For the rest, we're going out with a big game: subdued light, silver table service, sophisticated setting: in short, the table decoration must be successful, passionately, madly.

Romantic dessert

Maisons du Monde A red table set in the shape of a heart, cut dishes, a small porcelain angel, a rose under a bell, at dessert time, take out the great game of romanticism.

Sweet treats

Maisons du Monde If you are still hungry after all that, there are still instant mignardises to accompany coffee or a glass of champagne. The table is adorned for the occasion with delicate pastel colors.