Storage in the shape of houses to delight children

Storage in the shape of houses to delight children

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The architecture of the (doll's) houses inspires storage in the children's room. Shelves, cupboards or lockers flirt with this city style, atypical and crisp, and stage four walls and a roof. Our favorites to discover urgently!

Dutch dressing room

Go to your room We have rarely seen such adorable dressing: here is a succession of typical Amsterdam dwellings in punchy colors. Immediate takeoff in the toddlers' room!

Imposing shelves

Ferm Living Here are three imposing shelves whose design is inspired by the shape of the houses. We're a fan!

Roof locker

Konstantin Slawinski Adorable, this magazine rack in the shape of a small house accommodates an additional library and even serves as a bookmark thanks to its roof!

Showcase building

Ferm Living Favorite for this piece of furniture in the shape of a decorative building. His particuliarity ? Shallow boxes in which children can display their most beautiful toys, as if it were a window to admire.

Doll house

Ferm Living The woody and minimalist style of the doll houses is back in force in the children's room for their greatest joy.

Cabin cupboard

Purpose With its "beach shed" style, this wardrobe is the dream piece of furniture for taking off…

Maisonette night table

D'Home Productions Hanging on the wall, this nightstand in the shape of a house perfect the soft and candid decor of children. But what you don't know is that it was made from a wine case! Find out how to make this house-shaped bedside table here…

XXL House

Ferm Living What if we built a truer house than life in the children's room? Inside, a dinette, doll's bed and oversized stuffed toys accompany children's games ...