New spring summer 2016 collection from Linum

New spring summer 2016 collection from Linum

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For this new spring / summer 2016 season, Linum has satisfied its need for colors and prints. Drawing their inspiration from the music of jazzman Don Cherry as well as classic Japanese prints, the designers of the Swedish brand offer a beautiful textile collection where Asian patterns and summer colors are mixed. Instead, admire.

For a cozy living room

Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living room, you will absolutely need cushions and rugs. For a soft effect under your bare feet, opt for this beautiful gray and white striped shaggy rug. * "Kano" carpet, ** € 849 ***

Reheat its starter

Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt A stone entry, as beautiful as it is, can sometimes seem to be slightly austere. To change the atmosphere, cover the floor with carpets with different patterns. Here, we find the Kano tapi in another color, but also the "Channel", at the more affordable price of 75 €.

Everything for the bedroom

Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt The decoration of a room is not finished if the windows are not trimmed with curtains and the bed linen carefully chosen. For a very soft environment, why not opt, as here, for a bed linen (from 49 € for a pillowcase) and cream linen curtains (139 € each)?

Develop your cocooning corner

Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt We all need a place to call home where we can sit comfortably to enjoy a cup of tea, read a good book. In short, a cocooning corner. To arrange it in the best possible way, opt for pretty quilts and cushions in beautiful colors and prints. Cushion cover, from ** € 27.50 ** Quilt, ** € 199 **

A beautiful terrace

Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt Your terrace can also be dressed in textiles. As suggested by this image, why not match your sunbathing to the color of your shutters? Wooden sun lounger, ** € 75 ** Sun liner, ** € 32.50 **

Outdoor cushions

Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt Also on the outside, put on your cushions in beautiful, colorful prints. Here we find the beautiful orange, warm and summery, announced by the brand. * Orange printed cushion cover, ** € 89 ***

A beautiful summer lounge

Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt When the beautiful days come up, there is nothing like lounging in the sun. Set up a summer lounge in your yard or on your terrace that will allow you to make the most of beautiful spring and summer days. A simple wooden bench seat, a sun lounger, a beautiful linen carpet (€ 849) and a multitude of cushions: voila.


Linum / Jonas Ingerstedt Customize your lounge chair at will with one of the three summer prints offered by Linum.

A beautiful table outside

Eating out, a pleasure that we look forward to all year long. Make it even more pleasant with this pretty tablecloth with charcoal gray prints (€ 189). * Source: Linum *


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