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Mimi'Lou unveils stickers from its 2016 summer collection

Mimi'Lou unveils stickers from its 2016 summer collection

Notice to fashionistas moms, Mimi'Lou this decoration brand for children which specializes in stickers, unveils its spring / summer collection that smells of holidays. Graphic prints, signature of the house, are part of it. We also find this season very trendy exotic fruits and tropical patterns. Add to that an enchanted forest, the circus train and memories of school and you embark on an extraordinary journey to the land of childhood that never goes out.

Circus Tattoos

Mimi'Lou We love these circus tattoos to take ourselves for a tough guy with a tender heart. Adorable designs to stick on friends in the playground. 10x15cm € 4.90

Ice dream

Mimi'Lou A gourmet sticker, decorated with whipped cream and wafers! It reminds us that summer is definitely the favorite season for the whole family. And in addition, it is repositionable. 40x20cm 29 €

Pina Colada

Mimi'Lou This sticker plays on all the trends of the summer: the pineapple motif and the chrome, flagship color of the season. A chic decor that we will gladly position in a bedroom. 21x43cm 35 €

Coconut slate

mimi'Lou The pineapple, still as delicious in its slate version. We like it in the kitchen to write the shopping list. A little summer in everyday life. 55x31cm 39 €

My France

Mimi'Lou Our favorite! A sticker in the shape of a retro map of France, as it was found in classrooms of yesteryear. As decorative as it is fun, it allows you to learn while having fun. 50x50cm 59 €

A touch of palm trees

Mimi'Lou These little stickers are our new push pins. To stick a word or a photo on all the walls, we abuse these very 80's palm trees. € 12.50

Into the Wood

Mimi'Lou This giant sticker brings the forest into the children's room by inviting all the animals that live in their fairy tales. Too bad the price is a bit high despite a careful design. 2.40m 98 €

Slate Clic Clac

Mimi'Lou This slate sticker allows children to develop their creativity. The camera motif allows you to position it, for example, in the center of a wall of photos, held by small palm trees. Guaranteed decorative effect. 33x35cm 30 €

The Circus train

Mimi'Lou La Rédac 'fell in love with this circus-themed sticker, which always works well for children. The advantage: it is mixed and fits easily into a colorful bedroom decoration. So get on board and join this acrobatic journey! 80x20cm 35 €