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Architect's advice: how to design a double I kitchen?

Architect's advice: how to design a double I kitchen?

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The double I kitchen, also called in parallel, in the corridor or in the gallery, is actually a variation of the I kitchen. It is a configuration in opposition in which two close walls face each other in parallel and receive the furniture and appliances. This layout is well suited to long rooms, and is very practical because it offers many storage possibilities and devices. However, it requires at least 1.20 m between the two shelves in order to allow the simultaneous opening of the facing furniture.

Double I kitchen: closed kitchen without table

Angélique BLANC This closed kitchen of 2.60 mx 4 m, is located in a Haussmann-style apartment, with an old narrow window at the end of the room. The small rectangular volume imposes a parallel installation. This kitchen is a typical example of the advantages of this layout: an ultra-functional kitchen for those who love to cook and need a lot of storage space, worktops and appliances. The space is fully optimized in a reduced volume. The cupboard behind the door will be used to store the devices used occasionally.

Double I kitchen: kitchen area in a studio

Angélique BLANC This double I kitchen of 2.60 mx 3.40 m is suitable for a studio. There is only one shelf left and an island in front of it receives cooking and the dining area. Small but very ergonomic, this kitchen space offers a very good respect for the activity triangle: a golden rule in kitchen design, which consists in not installing cooking, sink and refrigerator on the same shelf. This triangle makes it possible to optimize the distances between these three points and thus to limit the number of displacements. The layout of the kitchen becomes more efficient, but also more secure. In addition, it allows here to install a very comfortable cooking zone. However, the installation of a hood will be essential to avoid the spread of cooking odors.

Double I kitchen: closed kitchen with dining area

Angélique BLANC This 2.50 mx 4.40 m long kitchen offers enough width for a double I layout, indeed, only a width of at least 2.40 m will allow this arrangement. A shorter linear than the other allows to install a dining area, extended by a sliding storage receiving bread and bottles, in order to limit movement during meals. The food storage cabinet placed against the refrigerator is 1.20 m high and the dining table is 0.90 m. These differences in height allow a visually lighter "staircase" arrangement of the shelf. On the window side, the worktops are distributed around the "cooking" area. Behind the door, the washing machine was installed near the cupboard for laundry and other cleaning products. Finally, in order to benefit from good light during washing, the sink is placed under the window.