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Which room to install in an outbuilding?

Which room to install in an outbuilding?

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If you are lucky enough to have an addiction, you will be able to use it as a real additional room, provided you properly define the activities that may be present. So to help you find the function dedicated to your addiction, here are our suggestions.

A piece of creation

Leroy Merlin Similarly, you can create a room dedicated to your creative hobbies. If you like making objects or sewing, you can store all your tools in this room and arrange comfortable working spaces.

A game room

Castorama Young and old, the games room will now be your favorite recreational area! Depending on the size of the room, you can install table football, billiards, a video games area or even a basketball hoop to make this addiction a paradise of fun.

A garden workshop

Castorama If you rather like working the soil and you are launching many plantations, why not create a garden workshop in this space. You can then store all your tools and install a work plan to make your cuttings. Finally, if plants fear the cold, this will allow you to keep them indoors.

A work desk

Alinéa Do you need a quiet workspace? Why not create your office in the outbuilding in order to benefit from a real professional space? Then create your office as in a traditional room while ensuring your comfort.

A guest bedroom

Alinéa When you receive friends, it is sometimes pleasant to be able to offer them a certain intimacy. We can then install a guest bedroom in the outbuilding so that your loved ones have their own space.

A studio

Fly Likewise, if your child is starting to demand privacy and space, why not consider turning the addiction into a small studio? We will simply ensure that the insulation is good!

Storage space

Leroy Merlin If you do not need to enlarge your interior, you can use your outbuilding as a storage room that will allow you to store cans but also garden tools or bikes.

A DIY piece

Leroy Merlin And if you are a handyman, know that your workbench will find its place perfectly in an outbuilding and will allow you to carry out all your DIY projects! Do not hesitate to store your tools there.


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