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Red in the bathroom

Red in the bathroom

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Do you dream of a warm and invigorating bathroom? Make way for the various and varied shades of red which, in total look or in small touches, create an impression of luxury and give character to this space dedicated to well-being. Demonstration in pictures!

Blue and red

Usirama Nothing better to catch the eye than a touch of red in the decor. See rather!

Red and wood

Bette Asian inspiration in this bathroom which mixes red and wood with great skill. The result: a warm space!

Red and beige

Delpha Aesthetics and simplicity combine in this bathroom, the atmosphere of which is sown by the color red here and there. The lines are fluid, the color is invigorating, in short, everything you need to create a space of warm well-being and design.

Red and gray

Mr Bricolage For a contemporary atmosphere in your bathroom, you will associate neutral walls like gray with a bright red on the walls. As for furniture, you will bet on simplicity: pure white and clean lines.

Red cement tiles

Draw home - Nyttlantliv Do you want to awaken the decoration of your bathroom and give it a vintage touch? You can count on predominantly red cement tiles. On the floor or on the walls, they have everything!

Glossy effect

Castorama The vanity top and the column of this bathroom are dressed in a garnet red glossy effect for a resolutely contemporary effect. A good way to bring light and freshness!

Red and white

Decotec You like red and white, that's good! No need to bet on a total look, at the risk of falling into a decoration a little too kitsch and brushing against the overdose. For a trendy bathroom, full of energy and good humor, we associate it with soft colors.

Red, black and white

Delpha With red, some mixtures seem obvious! We think in particular of the red, white and black association, which together create an elegant, very contemporary atmosphere.

Green and red

Decotec Red and green… this is a somewhat unexpected combination of colors that will give your bathroom a fresh kick. Be careful however to adopt it sparingly! Our decoration advice: favor red in a unique piece of furniture or on small accessories and bet on green on our walls.


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