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Visit of the Gardens of Saint Adrien

Visit of the Gardens of Saint Adrien

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Here are gardens to which it is impossible to attach an adjective - English, French ... -, as they are atypical. The only one that can ideally suit them is that of "oasis". Born from a real alchemy between stone, water and vegetation, these gardens indeed produce the same visual shock as that of desert oases. Shock redoubled when one becomes aware of the industrial past of the place, old basalt quarry exploited since Roman times, became a landfill from the 19th century, after the cessation of the exploitation of the site. This shows whether it took courage and ingenuity for Françoise and Daniel Malgouyres to successfully convert this unique and enchanting place.

The alliance of stone, water and plants

Gardens of Saint Adrien The gardens of Saint Adrien offer a unique spectacle born from the alliance between stone, water and plants. Under the powerful midday sun, the place produces the visual effect of an oasis.

From green theater to cultural theater

Jardins de Saint Adrien Why should vegetation be able to express itself in this amazing natural theater? To this question, the owners of the place responded by proposing a rich program of festivities in the heart of the gardens: horse shows, Venice Carnival weekend ... A program renewed every year, to be discovered on the website of the gardens of Saint Adrien .

An elegant tile floor

Gardens of Saint Adrien The gardens of Saint Adrien lead visitors from surprise to surprise throughout their journey. Here, it is an elegant parterre of masonry tiles that attracts attention, the time to walk to the edge of the first pool.

Bodies of water arranged in naturally impermeable cavities

Gardens of Saint Adrien What would the gardens of Saint Adrien be without the visual and energetic richness provided by water? For the creation of the pools, our couple of owners were able to take advantage of the natural impermeability of the tuff present in the basement of the site. As for the water, it comes from the surrounding hills from where it is channeled through a set of canals.

From ancient quarry reliefs to landscaped pools…

Jardins de Saint Adrien The pools were imagined by making the most of the ancient reliefs of the quarry, among which these astonishing steps which offer a very smooth transition to the water…

A place of contrasts, under the midday sun

Jardins de Saint Adrien The gardens of Saint Adrien are a place of contrast, where the powerful midday sun mixes with the freshness of the water and the shade of the pines, where the natural flowers meet the landscaped flowerbeds…

View of the water bodies

Jardins de Saint Adrien The period of desolation, following the cessation of the exploitation of the quarry and its transformation into a landfill, is well and truly over. The four developed water bodies take advantage of the reliefs of the site to offer a striking landscape spectacle.

Philia's fountain

Gardens of Saint Adrien Here is Philia, the Greek goddess of friendship, who honors the place with her gentle benevolent presence

A goddess with flowered hair

Gardens of Saint Adrien Languid in the water, at the edge of a pond, Philia benefits from a plant adornment which takes her place of hair. Around her, water lilies embolden themselves until they brush against the body of the sleeping goddess.


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