Formica in the kitchen

Formica in the kitchen

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Formica was a huge success in the 1950s and 1960s. The reasons for this craze? A great modernity, an exceptional robustness and an affordable price. Formica kitchens then became the norm and the housewives of the time swore by this material. Sixty years later, we rediscover it in our interiors, especially in the kitchen where it floats an air of sweet nostalgia. But it is not always easy to know how to invite him at home, so you have ten ideas to explore to enhance your cuisine with formica.

Open kitchen and formica, incompatible?

Les Gambettes Who says formica says dinner cuisine? False! Formica is nowadays suitable for bars and high tables, as we tell you, it is modern! We like the white structure of the Suzie high chairs presented here. As for finishes: you have the choice of color, even if we really like bright yellow, bright and trendy.

A small wooden and formica buffet from the 1950s

1 Vintage street Typical of the * fifties *, wooden furniture, with rounded doors and above in formica are back in the spotlight. In the kitchen, they stand out as a small dresser. We revamp them ourselves or we call bargain hunters who offer period furniture brought up to date with finesse. We like here the Mint color, very clear, associated with the graphic coating of drawers and shelves.

Formica by touches in the kitchen

Les Gambettes To avoid redoing your entire kitchen while providing a * fifties * atmosphere, use formica in small colored notes with retro accessories, like these clocks offered by Les Gambettes. By mixing them with a few kitchen utensils, vintage dishes and a colored metal light fixture, the vintage effect will be revisited.

Formica, yes but new!

Les Gambettes If bargain hunting is not really your thing but the formica catches your eye, go to the editor box. Les Gambettes offers completely new formica kitchen furniture. We take everything from the 1950s, in form and in spirit, and we add a pinch of creativity. The details are modernized: exit the shiny metal foot, we go to black or white. Dust-free and flawless formica!

Diverted formica chairs

1 Vintage street As with the furniture, the formica chairs from the 50s are getting a new lease of life to bring a vintage, but not outdated, touch to your kitchen. Wallpaper, varnish and the result is there: a chair that has character while being in keeping with your decor. The technique also works for a kitchen furnished in formica.

Formica shelves in the kitchen

Les Gambettes The formica also does in detail. We fall for these small Rosy shelves (Les Gambettes) which impose the vintage style in all discretion. Combined with graphic wallpaper, they catch the eye. They are available in many colors, take advantage! And to easily create storage space in the kitchen, consider combining them over the entire height of your wall.

Formica mobile for the undecided

BINDIES Ideal for small kitchens, the formica stool is a classic that we take pleasure in rediscovering. Booster seat, step, shelf ... the stool is multifunctional. It does not seduce us with its simple shapes and its ultra-resistant coating. It's up to you to choose the model, new or mottled, plain or revamped, provided it is in formica!

Formica and patterns: the chic duo in the kitchen

Les Gambettes To create a chic, retro and unique atmosphere in your kitchen, use the formica + patterns combo. Without forgetting the mint, gray, black and white tones, which will cut with the red or yellow vision that we have of formica. A table, four chairs and a drawer service as a worktop will transform your kitchen into a vintage but elegant space (here, the Destruct collection of Gambettes).

Formica in its own juice for the kitchen

Gautier Gekiere for Broc'En'Guche Furnishing your kitchen with salvage is possible. And it's even advisable: affordable, ecological, aesthetic. In short, it is an additional soul that we offer. There are still buffets, sets and kitchen furniture in Formica very well preserved (or restored to identical). Do not hesitate to run the secondhand trades or to hunt around online, you will certainly find your happiness there, but perhaps more for a long time: the formica "pure juice" is rarer, therefore more expensive and also more in demand.