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Vintage details in the kitchen

Vintage details in the kitchen

It's no secret: vintage is seriously on the rise and even in the kitchen. But to succumb to the trend, no need to change your kitchen entirely because some decorative details can make the difference and bring a touch of yesteryear to your room in the blink of an eye. Here are some ideas for mixing today's design with the spirit of the past.

Old textiles

Ikea In the kitchen, textiles are not only practical for cooking but they also refine your decor. For a vintage atmosphere, there is no doubt that you will have to choose checkered tea towels that you will certainly not store in the drawers. Display them proudly!

Cement tiles

Carocim If you are ready to do some work, change the floor and opt for a model that reproduces old tiles like cement tiles or floor tiles. This will change the style of your kitchen in the blink of an eye. For those who do not wish to engage in heavy work, cheat with the vinyl versions.

A refrigerator with retro lines

Ikea If refrigerators are more and more futuristic, they do not necessarily stick to the vintage image that you want to offer in your kitchen. The solution ? A model with rounded lines and a retro color at Smeg for example. Your refrigerator becomes a centerpiece in terms of style.

Vintage accessories

Ikea Take advantage of your Sunday walks to find old accessories that will help decorate your kitchen. An old wooden ladder as a shelf, old metal coat hooks for your kitchen accessories ... Play the vintage card by choosing the materials for your decorative accessories.

Jars as packaging

Comptoir de famille This decor tip is valid for a vintage atmosphere but also for all those who want a touch of style in their kitchen: replace the cardboard packaging and industrial plastics of your products with pretty glass jars that will make flour, sugar and deliciously decorative dough.

Practical and decorative accessories

Ikea Do not neglect any detail to bring the vintage touch to your kitchen. Rather than opting for a modern cutting board, prefer a wooden model that will age over time and give character to the kitchen. Or how to combine practicality and decorative style.

A well chosen tap

Bloomingville The vintage chic touch of your kitchen? Forget about a highly designer and efficient mixer tap to opt for a tap with old lines. For more style, choose a gold or copper model that will go perfectly with contemporary furniture.

A sink of yesteryear

Maisons du monde If you do not want to renounce the comfort of contemporary taps, bet everything on the sink by opting for a large stone model. It will be installed perfectly on a low wooden cabinet for a vintage wink of size.

Cooking the old fashioned way

Conforama Vintage decor is also a way of life. Cook in a vintage way by opting for a large kitchen piano and place your saucepans (old or not) on a splashback that will make your accessories a real "decoration".