Unusual: the decor in sexy fashion…

Unusual: the decor in sexy fashion…

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Want to spice up the decor of your interior? Some designers should then seduce you with objects that do not fail to be sexy! From the evocation of nudity to the downright naughty and erotic object, we suggest you discover some objects to say the least unusual!

The bed to undress

Liou To give the bedroom a glamorous and sexy touch, Liou offers cushions and bed linen to undress thanks to the most suggestive lacing. Its small touches of satin thus give an erotic dimension to the bed in all elegance.

Pole dance show

Atylia When the pin-ups take over the wallpaper, it is to show the whole room. We put on a strip of wallpaper that will ensure the spectacle by multiplying young sexy women around the famous pole dance bar.

Naughty wallpaper

K-Lou design The canvas of Jouy you probably know, but the canvas of Jouï may be less! It is a clever diversion from rural scenes to offer them a much rascal, even downright erotic aspect. Except that from a distance, we don't notice anything!

Glamorous chair

Vladimir Tsesler and Voichenko When furniture and objects imitate human behavior it results in a highly sexy chair that takes itself for a pin up. With its very glossy coating, it teases the inhabitants of the house thanks to a skilful play of leg.

Nudity and furniture

Casamania To go even further, some designers no longer hesitate to display the human anatomy on the furniture, as for the Him and Her chairs, the backs of which show backs and glutes in the clothes of Adam and Eve.

Kiss from the couch The sexy potential of the mouth is no longer to be demonstrated and some designers have decided to use it to make the furniture more attractive, as is the case with this sofa, which takes on the appearance of a luscious mouth in size XXL.

Office fetish

Scotch Stiletto heel enthusiasts should be delighted with Scotch's initiative to bring a touch of glamor to the office. It ensures a sexy use of Scotch thanks to a pump dispenser.

Luminous Kama-Sutra

Mat & Jewski At Mat & Jewski the kama-sutra is proudly displayed on the bedside lamps. Rather than the more than suggestive position, we will rather retain the exotic aspect of the scenes that will be highlighted by the light.