Highly designer mixers for the bathroom

Highly designer mixers for the bathroom

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In the bathroom, we take care of all the details that make the room will be at the top of the decor. We therefore think of swapping the traditional basin mixer for an ultra design model. We have selected 10 to inspire you and make your bathroom a time of decoration!

A standing mixer

Treeme If you can place your sink in the center of the room, you can treat yourself to a chromed brass pedestal mixer which highlights the sink particularly. The mixer tap becomes a real sculpture in the bathroom.

A wall-mounted mixer

Nobili If you want your sink to look more like a fountain, we will opt for a mixer tap which can be installed directly in the wall in order to pour the water into the basin.

A waterfall mixer

Nobili For a faucet that creates a surprise in the bathroom, we turn to a model with a waterfall spout, that is to say that it is open so that the water can be seen in the front structure that it spills into the sink for a spectacular effect.

A geometric mixer

Treeme To offer a very contemporary style to your bathroom, we swap the traditional mixer with rounded lines by a model with very clean square lines. In black or chrome white, it sets the tone of the bathroom thanks to its character.

A high mixer

Nobili For your mixer to adapt to a basin with original shapes, you will rather bet on a tall model that will sublimate all of your bathroom furniture by giving it a very modern height.

A mixer with a revisited design

Alape Here again, the designers are revising the traditional swan beak to offer it a new, more modern youth thanks to bold lines where right angles rub shoulders with beautiful curves. The result is sculptural!

A surprising mixer

Ottone Meloda If you want to go further in the design experience, you will find models that are far from resembling mixer taps, as is the case for this extremely refined model whose only action rod protrudes from the block chromium.

A designer mixer

Nobili Finally, if you do not want to choose a mixer tap, know that you will also find very designer mixers for your bathroom. We think for example of a model built into the wall, with clean lines that will offer a graphic aspect to your sink.

A mixer for the sink

Alberto Pinto Likewise, you will also find mixers to be placed on the sink which display a highly designer look thanks to simple and sharp lines where the right angle is sublimated.