When small storage spaces cultivate versatility

When small storage spaces cultivate versatility

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Small piece of furniture, basket, tray or locker. All these storage spaces have one thing in common: to be multifunctional. And for good reason, they welcome absolutely everything that makes us service, books, kitchen utensils, office supplies, fashion accessories or toys! Here are 4 models declined in several utilities which demonstrate it to us with brio.

4 compartments for storing kitchen items

Ikéa ### In the kitchen, the same lockers provide as much service, but between tea towels, aprons, cookbooks and utensils! Yes, the register has changed!

4 boxes to store toys

Ikéa ### In the children's room, the storage boxes blend into the mass. Lego, cubes and stuffed animals find their account!

A basket for scarves

Ikéa ### In a corner of the room, a series of textiles have been grouped in a basket. So fashion!

A basket for kaplas

Ikéa ### The same basket accommodates legos, kaplas and other construction toys for children.

A coffee table with integrated storage for felts

Ikéa ### Practice the coffee table with integrated boxes! We put colored pencils, the remote control and other odds and ends lying around!

A coffee table with integrated storage for plants

Ikéa ### This same coffee table with integrated storage has chosen to grow green plants.

Fruit platter

Ikéa ### Nomad fruit basket, to be placed on the coffee table, in the kitchen or in the dining room.

A tray for flowers

Ikéa ### After a small picking in the garden, we do not hesitate to place a flower, in bulk, on a storage tray to bring a bucolic note to the house.

A tray for the entrance

Ikéa ### On the dresser of the entry, it is usual to invest a tote where to store what is lying around. Here they are apples… and a game ball, but we might as well imagine keys, mail or a transport pass!


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