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Christmas in every room of the house

Christmas in every room of the house

Why reserve the magic of Christmas in the living room? Here are some decorative ideas to create a magical atmosphere in each room of the house. Demonstration in pictures.

In the bedroom

Lexington ### Why deprive yourself of a Christmas tree and an Advent wreath in the bedroom? To see the result, it would be wrong not to dare.

In the kitchen

Paragraph ### Gingerbread man, shortbread cookies or macaroons: in the kitchen, we embark on gourmet workshops at Christmas! Leaving the cake molds uncovered to create a festive atmosphere, without forgetting a few fir suspensions, is a very welcome idea ...

In the entrance

Ikea ### No need to remove the table lamp, the candlestick, the vase and the paintings adorning the entrance. Instead, we wrap them in gift wrap. A brilliant tip to give a festive air to the room!

In the dining room

Habitat ### In the dining room, there is a tree, but not only! On the table, there is a wreath of holly, elegant candlesticks and a purely decorative transparent tree. Perfect for dining in a party atmosphere!

In the games room

Paragraph ### This is one of the rooms most affected by the end of year celebrations. Because soon it will be filled with new toys and accessories. In the meantime, we place in our children's playrooms, one or two Christmas trees for a magical atmosphere.

In the bathroom

La Redoute ### The room dedicated to relaxation hosts string lights and special Christmas lanterns! Placed here and there, they allow us to take a bath in a magical atmosphere, head in the stars ...

In the living room

Habitat ### This is THE first piece that we think of decorating for Christmas with a pretty fir tree, decorative accessories to put here and there: a deer, mushrooms, barley sugars ... Make way for daydreaming!