10 decorative ideas for storing your children's toy cars

10 decorative ideas for storing your children's toy cars

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Tired of seeing your child's small cars pile up and clutter their bedroom floor? Do not panic ! The editorial team unearthed 10 storage tips that are as practical as they are decorative. Magnetic bar to fix on the wall, decorative display, fabric or PVC car garage… the choice is yours!

Convenient jars

Simplicity in the south Used for storing our spices, our toiletries or our make-up, jars today find a place of choice in the room of our pretty blond heads. Converted into practical storage for carts, they have it all! Source: Simplicity in the south

A display for wooden cars

A lo and behold life Another nice idea: this pretty shelf perfect for displaying your little boy's favorite cars. Wood planks, two studs, a drill, a little glue and paint ... this is the material so you will need if you want to equip your son's room with this practical and decorative piece of furniture. Source: A lo and behold life

A circuit for cars in masking tape

Le jardin de Juliette It is certainly not a storage for the cars properly speaking, but by drawing on the ground a circuit for small cars with masking tape, you will have a good chance that they will stay in this space dedicated to them. Source: Juliette's garden

A garage for cars to make

Angel Melie Thanks to this small fabric garage, your little one's little cars will finally find their place. Placed on the floor, it will also bring a little decorative touch to your child's room. Source: Angel Melie

A pipe car garage

Frugal fun 4 boys And that's another creative way to create smart storage for your child's carts. By installing PVC pipes previously cut or rolls of toilet paper in a solid structure, you will quickly get this garage that will make your son happy. Source: Frugal fun 4 boys

A box with compartments

The boo and the boy Using an old compartmentalized soft drink can… that's the real good idea for storing loulou's cars and bringing a vintage touch to your room. Whether placed on the floor or fixed to the wall, the choice is yours! Source: The boo and the boy

A fabric case

The mombot Couture has no secrets for you? Treat your toddler by making him a fabric case in which he will take pleasure in classifying and storing his small cars. Source: The mombot

A custom protective cover

Pick up some creativity We love the idea of ​​transforming an old protective cover for fragile clothes into storage for small cars. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: Pick up some creativity

A diverted car tire

Spaceships and laser beams A used tire and three cutting boards can be transformed into original and unusual storage for your son's cars. A creative idea that will appeal to green parents. Source: Spaceships and laser beams