Workshop-style windows enhance the living room

Workshop-style windows enhance the living room

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For all those who love the factory spirit, here are 8 salons that have opted for glazing like artist workshops. Or the incredible way to sublimate a room by the simple choice of windows ...

New York Spirit

Fly ### Panoramic view of the garden with factory glazing going from one wall to the other. We also like the New York style decorative plaque which is there to mark the loft addiction to the decor.


Goal ### Here, the flagship element of the loft-style decor is vertical: a New York-style brick wall against which the sofa is leaning, and in the center of which workshop-style windows bring a resolutely arty brightness.

Factory madly

Goal ### Between the living room and the adjoining room, workshop-style glazing lets the light filter in, while accentuating the factory style already established by the presence of a brown leather sofa and handcrafted wooden furniture.


Paragraph ### Recover the brightness of the entrance thanks to workshop glazing inserted in the heart of a brick wall, we love to be crazy!

Glazing at the door

Paragraph ### Factory glazing is made of sliding doors to provide free access between the living room and the terrace. A practical, chic and super bright solution…

Ticket office

Paragraph ### Closed shutter for these workshop-style glazing, which, even without being exposed, shows us that with them, the charm always works.

From one room to another

Paragraph ### Between the living room and the kitchen, a partition, but a glass partition. Better yet, its workshop-style glazing gives it incredible charm, in addition to the brightness it brings.


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