10 easy knitting caps

10 easy knitting caps

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That's it, winter is well installed! The opportunity for each of us to put on our hat, a must have to protect our head from wind, rain or snow. To be warm during periods of extreme cold, the editorial team suggests that you discover 10 trendy and easy-to-knit hats. To your needles!

Checkered hat

Carofoliz Ok, ok, this tutorial is certainly not the easiest and it is aimed more at knitters of expert level, but at the writing we did not resist the temptation to present it to you. Want to test the checkerboard stitch? Head to Carofoliz's blog to discover the boss to make your hat! More info on this DIY: Carofoliz

The maxi beanie

Wild legs The most chilly will be easily tempted by this XXL wool beanie, perfect for feeling warm and protected from the weather. To meet this fashion challenge, bring a pompom kit, a wool needle, two balls of wool 12 and a pair of needles of the same size. It's your turn ! More info on this DIY: Wild prawns

The capital letter beanie

Purl Soho The most original can be seduced by this personalized hat with an embroidered capital letter. A simple detail that makes all the difference! More info on this DIY: Purl Soho

The cat hat

The underwear of pretty pea fifi If you love cats, you can pay them a vibrant tribute by adopting this very trendy beanie. A rather original way to discover the hook! More info about this DIY: The pretty pea underwear

Cashmere beanie

Charlov We take a cashmere break with this basic and trendy beanie, perfect to protect our heads from the freezing air and the aggressions of winter. To do it, nothing could be simpler! Take two balls of carbon cashmere wool and 3.5 needles… that's it! More info on this DIY: Charlov

The perfect companion!

Lives of Amélie The right knitting project: this jade-colored hat and shawl set. Made in garter stitch, one of the basic points of knitting, it has everything! More info on this DIY: The lives of Amélie

Hat with circular needles

Rose chiffon A basic but warm and fluffy hat that appeals to you? Two balls of wool n ° 8, a pair of needles n ° 9, a piece of cardboard, a wool needle and a pair of scissors… all you have to do is put on your stitches! More info on this DIY: Pink rag

The tricolor beanie

Handy little me Big crush on this multicolored hat! The difficulty of the project: make a large pompom using cardboard and sew it to the top of the hat! We challenge you to make it! More info on this DIY: Handy little me

Children's hat

mademoizel'lo And finally, this is an ultra easy tutorial that will undoubtedly please moms in a hurry! To do this, all you have to do is follow Mademoizel'lo's explanations step by step. More info on this DIY: mademoizel'lo