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Matt black in the kitchen

Matt black in the kitchen

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To give personality and elegance to your kitchen, a matt black color is ideal. It will bring out your kitchen elements and decorative objects while having the advantage of marrying with other colors. has selected several ways for you to use this shade in your room.

A mural at Pierre Soulages

Leroy Merlin Give personality to your room with a monochrome wall section, painted in matt black, like the famous paintings of the French painter Pierre Soulages. You can also install a slate wall section, to list your errands or so that your children can draw during their snack.

Home appliances that go with everything

The Electro Depot Mag Often, we have household appliances (coffee maker, kettle, robot, microwave ...) of different colors or made with various materials, which are not harmonious with each other in a kitchen. It's time to buy new ones, choosing them all in a matte black shade, which will go very well with any style and which you will never tire of.

Two-color cuisine

Aviva Cousin of the black & white duo, matt black and lacquered white are ideal in a kitchen. The two colors play on contrasts and reveal the volumes of the room for a chic and modern effect.

Chic decorative items

Leroy Merlin The advantage of matt black is that it reveals the other colors with which it is associated. The proof with these pastel accessories, to sow here and there near the sink for a trendy kitchen of Scandinavian inspiration. Vases, linens, vintage boxes, photo frames, pots ... Let go!

A timeless mat black bar stool

Cuisinella The essential accessory in the kitchen? The mat black bar stool, for a designer look. If you have a bar area or a small space for a quick meal, these stools, less bulky than the chairs and more modern, will bring an additional charm to the room.

An elegant black piece of furniture

Aviva This year, we forget the "bling-bling", the trend is for refined colors. Matt black has the advantage of being less flashy than a glossy black, lacquered or even metallic. A matt black piece of furniture will decorate your kitchen in an elegant way, especially if it extends into a worktop, while highlighting your colorful dishes.

Dark furniture to decorate the room

Kvik Matt black is deeper than a glossy finish but also visually "thicker". It is therefore ideal for small touches in a kitchen to breathe a modern breeze into the room. So add black furniture like chairs to a rather bright room.

A refrigerator that blends in with the decor

Hygena The matt black being very discreet, it will be perfect for a fully equipped kitchen with built-in appliances. If you do not want your refrigerator to break the visual harmony of the room, this is the shade to choose to hide it nicely among the other storage elements.

A black splashback to wake up your sink

Digsdigs / Méchant design In the design of your kitchen, the choice of the splashback should in no case be taken lightly. This is one of the first elements that we see when entering the room, and above all, it will enhance your sink. Preferably choose a matte black shade, which will reflect less light and therefore be more pleasant when doing the dishes.