Littlephant: new products for 2016

Littlephant: new products for 2016

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Creative and high-quality home products, whimsical and trendy prints, intense colors ... this is the successful cocktail of the new collection from the Swedish brand Littlephant. A colorful, graphic and refreshing collection that we invite you to discover! Focus!

Beautiful piece

Camilla Lundsten Softly, this patterned bumper is one of our big favorites! It's very simple… we like everything about him! Its elegant simplicity, its powdery and tangy nuances and its very trendy diamond-shaped and dotted prints.

Small freshness

Camilla Lundsten Inspired by the sweetness of Swedish life, these mint-colored graphic cushions are ready to welcome you! Small wonders as practical as decoration to shop urgently!

Noir et blanc

Camilla Lundsten Favorite for the table of the new Littlephant collection. Graphics and chic, diamonds, dots and the wave pattern share the spotlight in a shades of white, gray and black. Everything we love !


Camilla Lundsten Octopuses, fish and octopuses come alive in positive and negative or in sea green shades on these very decorative cushions inspired by the seabed.

Trendy prints

Littlephant To give a touch of pep to your interior and create a stimulating and welcoming interior, nothing like the Littlephant armchair or sofa that uses the colorful and emblematic prints of the 2016 collection.

In elsewhere mode

Camilla Lundsten These two graphic wallpapers will be perfect allies for those who wish to bring a contemporary, artistic and decorative touch to their interior. Pattern inspired by the seabed or made of fruit, birds and a small gardener, in a Scandinavian style ... it's up to you!


Camilla Lundsten Patterns that we take pleasure in rediscovering on these tea towels. Design, modern and pleasant to the touch, they are available in multiple tones that emphasize their graphic side.


Camilla Lundsten At Littlephant, children are not left out! The proof in pictures with this doll house in blond wood and this dinette whose geometric illustration makes us eye!

Passion crochet

Camilla Lundsten Of all sizes, these cute stuffed animals have the art and the way of seducing young and old. Handcrafted using cotton, they have it all!


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