10 practical and decorative accessories for entry

10 practical and decorative accessories for entry

If we often get into optimizing and organizing the house, we tend to forget that we can make the entry more useful with a few tips. So so that your entry is a real ally in everyday life, we have found 10 accessories as practical as decoration that should make your life easier.

Clever coat racks

FR66 To make the coat racks suitable for the whole family, you can opt for a clever model with numerous hooks that allow you to attach adapters so that children can also hang their clothes. Very ingenious.

A sitting coat rack

Direct D-sign In the hallway, we usually put our shoes on before going out. So to make it more practical, this coat rack doubles as a small bench that will allow you to put on your shoes without doing the balancing act.

A multifunction bar

KONSTANTIN SLAWINSKI With this magnetic bar, you no longer risk forgetting the shopping list before going out! You can display all your little words using a magnet so that you don't forget anything before going out and you can even hang your handbag or a coat.

A multifunctional mail carrier

Happyspace With this beautiful wooden accessory, your entrance is functional! Indeed, you will be able to hang your keys there to have them always on hand before going out but you can also drag the mail to be classified or that to be posted. Practical and very decorative!

An umbrella stand

FR66 Because it is not always as beautiful as you would like, an umbrella stand can be very useful in the entrance to avoid dirtying the ground. Choose a chic and elegant model like this one that takes the shape of an umbrella handle.

Practical birds

Pa Design What if birds made themselves useful in your hallway? With these original coat hooks, you will be able to hang clothes but also your keys or even a paper by wedging it in the beak of small animals.

A wall unit

Happyspace With this wall mount unit, you will have everything at hand! You can store your phones, sunglasses and keys but also your mail. Finally, you can also attach a jacket to an integrated coat hook.

Practical compartments

Happyspace With this funny object, you will be able to empty your pockets in an organized way! Placed on a console, this accessory with compartments will allow you to pour your change, your keys or your shopping lists without mixing everything. Convenient to save time.

Bag storage

Happyspace Don't know where to put your bag when you get home? Use a system that attaches to a door, allowing you to hang your bags but also your scarves and small clothes.