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The most beautiful Fimo jewelry tutorials

The most beautiful Fimo jewelry tutorials

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Easy to work thanks to its texture close to that of plasticine, Fimo, also called polymer clay, is the ideal material for creating original and trendy jewelry. The proof in pictures with these 10 tutorials snapped on Pinterest.

A donuts necklace

Studio DIY The gourmet jewel plays extensions this year again! As evidenced by this candy-shaped necklace with creamy and tart hues, deliciously trendy! More info on this DIY: Studio DIY

Granite effect rings

Fall for diy The fancy piece to adopt? One of these rings with natural and mineral hues, modeled with Fimo granite effect paste. Furiously trendy! More info on this DIY: Fall for diy

A marbled set

Mandi Johnson Rather marble? No problem ! We challenge you to make this pretty jade-colored set. To get this special effect, just mix your Fimo dough balls. Simple and effective, we love it! Source: A beautiful mess

A deer necklace

Caely With a golden chain with clasp, Fimo paste, spray paint and small fabric flowers, this pretty deer-shaped necklace will quickly take shape. Attempted ? More info on this DIY: Caely

A two-color tube necklace

Delighted momma Too cute this necklace! Do you want to reproduce it at home? Easy ! Assemble two pieces of polymer clay in the form of a tube, then pierce your clay in the center so as to pass your wire ... and that's it! More info on this DIY: Delighted momma

A blue pendant

Curious and catcat Cut random shapes out of your polymer clay, pierce them with a toothpick, then cover them with paint of your choice. Finally, you just have to pass your leather cord. More info on this DIY: Curious and catcat

Sequined long necklaces

Fall for diy To accompany your party outfits, get started in the manufacture of one of these two necklaces in polymer clay. The originality: they were sprinkled with sparkling glitter. Source: Fall for diy

A long necklace

Minted strawberry To make this charming necklace, get yellow Fimo, form a knot by following one by one the steps explained by Aki from the Minted Strawberry blog, then attach it to a chain of your choice! More info on this DIY: Minted strawberry

Whimsical earrings

Mini blog style To make the same earrings, simply place delicately on your Fimo dough tiny pieces of pink and purple color. This step done, spread your dough using a rolling pin then draw with a cutter the desired shape. All you have to do is bake your creation. More info on this DIY: Mini style blog