20 Scandinavian cuisines for inspiration

20 Scandinavian cuisines for inspiration

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Indispensable decoration, the Scandinavian style is now invited in a friendly room by definition, the kitchen. Between the brightness of light wood, refined shapes and the softness of pastel tones, let yourself be seduced and charmed by these 20 Nordic-inspired kitchens.

A compact and functional Scandinavian kitchen

SieMatic At SieMatic, we love this compact kitchen. Between clean lines and minimalist format, this is a model that fits perfectly into this atmosphere with Nordic charm, subtly dotted with vegetal notes (cacti and hanging plants).

Scandinavian cuisine with central island

Kvik A soothing atmosphere in this Nordic island kitchen. Subtly enhanced with a light gray shade and enhanced by a wall painted in pastel blue, the room invites you to relax.

Scandinavian cuisine with monastic whiteness

IKEA All dressed in white, this Nordic-inspired kitchen is simply warmed by light wooden cupboard doors.

A Scandinavian designer kitchen with a long design

Vipp Ultra compact and minimalist, this long kitchen is signed Vipp. Available in a bright white color, this model offers a design touch to this pretty living room.

Scandinavian cuisine between tradition and modernity

Leicht In an ultra contemporary spirit, Leicht revisits the Scandinavian style kitchen in a darker wood. And to give even more character to the space, the parquet also sports a dark, ultra-decorative color.

Scandinavian cuisine tinged with pastel blue

Hygena Immense, this Scandinavian kitchen is tinged with industrial touches in a loft spirit: stools, sconces and metal suspensions. Everything is sublimated by magnificent closet doors dressed in brilliant blue.

Bright Scandinavian cuisine

Kvik Very long, this kitchen from the Danish brand Kvik has been fitted out in the Scandinavian style: natural materials, soft colors and vegetal notes.

Scandinavian cuisine with a retro twist

IKEA For its part, Ikea plays the retro card in this Nordic-inspired kitchen. How? 'Or' What ? By adding an old-style cooking piano and a coordinated hood, a vintage scale and a small wooden wall cabinet. A successful mix-and-match!

Contemporary Scandinavian cuisine

SieMatic Besides a superb herringbone parquet, what appeals at first glance in this kitchen is the careful decoration, made of clean lines and always dotted with various and varied plants.

Scandinavian cuisine open to the living room

Kvik Open to the dining room, this kitchen adopts all the codes of the Nordic style and sublimates them: light wood, natural colors and minimalism, without forgetting to be warm.

Scandinavian American cuisine

Ixina Revised and corrected to adapt to contemporary spaces, this Scandinavian kitchen opens onto a dining area, composed of a pretty tulip base table and three Eames-inspired chairs.

Scandinavian cuisine that throws away

Kvik Between a large, ultra-functional central island, a wood stove for a warm touch and a decor dotted with greenery, this is Scandinavian cuisine that throws it away!

Scandinavian cuisine with green touches

Vipp Do you want to warm up the atmosphere and spice up your Nordic cuisine? Nothing could be simpler, you just need to add a few touches of green: Eames armchairs, dishes, vases ... In short, let your imagination run wild.

Refined Scandinavian cuisine

Kvik Designed in length, this kitchen by the Danish Kvik plays the card of refinement with shades of gray and green. What offer a beautiful perspective to the room, with style.

Scandinavian open kitchen with library

SieMatic Very elegant, this atmosphere features a superb kitchen open to a large living room, itself enhanced by a magnificent library, fitted over the entire height of the main wall.

Scandinavian cuisine tinged with pastel colors

Leicht Indispensable elements of the Scandinavian style, pastel colors invite themselves in this Nordic cuisine signed Leicht.

Friendly Scandinavian cuisine

Kvik With its small dining area, this Scandinavian cuisine invites you to share good times with your partner, family or friends.

Scandinavian cuisine suitable for small spaces

Kvik Very comfortable in large surfaces, the Scandinavian kitchen also adapts very well in smaller ones. The proof with this model, as functional as decorative, imagined by Kvik.

Space-saving Scandinavian cuisine

SieMatic And for small urban spaces, SieMatic has developed a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen model. Ultra compact, it saves precious square meters, always in style.


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