A seaside style decor in the kitchen

A seaside style decor in the kitchen

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For a kitchen that smells of the open sea, we opt for a seaside style decor! Fresh colors and natural materials are essential to prepare fish and seafood. Here are some inspirations to create a seaside style at home.

Boat style furniture

Maisons du Monde ### For kitchen furniture, opt for slatted wood that will remind you of a boat deck or a beach cabin. Do not hesitate to choose furniture with an aged appearance for a more natural look.

Gray matter

Lapeyre ### To remind the pebbles of the beach but also the sand, we opt for gray colors. Patinated kitchen furniture will have a color that approximates that of driftwood worn by the sea.

An alliance of white and wood

Goal ### In the kitchen, you can also bring the seaside style with accessories. Choose a fairly simple kitchen with an alliance of wood and white and add a table with pebbles and some reeds in a vase.

Kitchen linen by the sea

Coucke ### Finally, to bring the final touch, choose striped bed linen in red, white and blue tones for a very seaside effect. Finish your decor by adding small pebbles that you will have picked up on the beach .