Unusual: plates that create a surprise!

Unusual: plates that create a surprise!

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To create a surprise on your table, the designers create plates that are not lacking in audacity! In turn humorous, naughty or intriguing: the plates are sure to make your guests speak! Discover our selection of 10 unusual plates!

A pie dish plate

Fleux You've probably all seen the plastic cake pans on supermarket pies. Well, this plate takes up this idea and offers you a porcelain plate whose zigzag edges bring originality.

A naughty plate

K-Lou design To speak to your guests, why not put a little eroticism on your table? For this, we use plates that proudly display a Jouy canvas motif revisited in which two couples mingle on a sofa. Something to increase the temperature.

One plate, two patterns

Seletti Can't seem to stop on a single plate motif? Turn to the Seletti models that separate the plate in half to offer you two radically different patterns.

Customized plates

Pied de Poule Do you like the patterns on old plates but would you like a more contemporary touch? Houndstooth fulfills your wishes with old plates that display an offset pattern applied over them.

A curiosity cabinet plate

Not without reason Do you know the expression "put your feet in the dish"? Well this is what this plate offers by using as patterns two legs of birds that create a strange feeling on the table, like cabinet of curiosity.

A sculpture plate

MARRE MOEREL DESIGN STUDIO If we are used to using flat plates, this one has a particular relief since a heap of metal planes settles on the ledge to create an original style.

Skeletal plates

Fabulous Animal For a table placed under the sign of the natural sciences, we put on a service which allows in three plates to obtain the human skeleton while proposing a rather offset motif.

Plates that meet each other

Not without reason To create an original game on your table, you can opt for plates that respond to each other like this octopus whose tentacles flourish on several plates to create a global decor.

Natural plates

Pied de Poule Are you hunting for preservatives, colors and other flavoring agents? These plates guarantee that your homemade dishes are 100% natural thanks to messages with retro patterns.


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