20 beautiful green houses

20 beautiful green houses

When the walls and exterior facades are covered with greenery, the house becomes a veritable hanging garden. Plants become design and decorative elements. Discover the trend of green houses with 20 beautiful photos.

Icelandic houses

Ragnar Th Sigurdsson Perched on the hillside, this Icelandic house is invisible from the top of the mountain, thanks to its roof entirely covered with lawn. Source: Ask

Round Villa

Toshihisa Ishi It is on the west coast of Japan that we find this incredible architect's house. A nice mix of stones and greenery. A discreet villa that blends into the landscape but is nonetheless impressive by its round shape. Source: Archi Lovers

Vertical garden

Patrick Blanc It is the French specialist in the green wall who imagined, for an individual, this very modern house covered with plants. Source: Patrick Blanc

In the middle of nature

DK - Garden Design 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited From a distance, you would hardly notice this little house, well hidden in the middle of a beautiful wooded garden. Source: HGTV

On the side of a rock

Ignatov Architects Designed by the architectural firm Igantov, this rock-side house blends in completely with the landscape and offers breathtaking views of the ocean. Source: Archello

A shed surrounded by nature

Prentiss This very small house, nestled in the middle of nature, charms with its wooden walls and its roof covered with lawn. Source: Fine Home Building

Right in the heart of the Andes

The Averkate Team Perched, too, on the mountainside, this very modern house is located in Ecuador. Source: Real Estate in Uruguay

A house entirely covered in greenery

Architizer In the heart of Singapore, this architect-designed house is completely decked out in greenery, from the roof to the garden. A modern style that blends in with a natural setting. Source: Architizer

The plant as an art object

Patrick Blanc With this vegetable painting, there is no need for any work of art. Source: Home designing

A wooded villa

MM Architects / Hiroyuki OKI Located near Kobé in Japan, this beautiful villa was designed by the studio MM Architects. An exceptional place with greenery totally integrated into the modern style of the swimming pool. Source: MM Architects

Hill house

Maynard Architects Called "Hill House", this house consists of two very distinct parts. A ground floor on the hill, completely covered with lawn, and a black block, very modern, which acts as the first floor. Source: Maynard Architects

A nature version room

Miguel de Guzman This is an original idea. Why not cover the floor of your room with a beautiful fake lawn to have the impression of sleeping in the middle of nature? Source: Flickr, Erin Williamson

Greenery inside

Amavea Rather than being satisfied with a potted plant to decorate your interior, why not cover an entire wall with plants? Source: Vertiss

A desk mounted on an aquarium

Patrick Blanc Who has never dreamed of being able to work in the great outdoors? With this office with a green wall and an aquarium floor, Patrick Blanc realizes this dream. Source: Home designing

An aerial plant decoration

Danielle Trofe Who said that potted plants should be screwed to the ground? Opt for an aerial decoration with these pendant lights signed Daniella Trofe. Source: Fast Company

Display your mezzanine

Patrick Blanc In this very modern and refined decoration, the wall section of the mezzanine is covered with Virginia creeper for a natural effect. Source: Home designing

Green at all heights

Sean Fennessy In Kate Stokes' living room, greenery invites itself to all heights. The plants sit, hang and settle on the ground. Nature meets habitat with ease and this impressive collection of indoor plants is decorative. Source: The Design Files

Reinventing planters

Atelier 159 Nailed to wooden rods hung on the wall, these very classic pots create a modern decoration. Source: Atelier 159


Truffaut At Truffaut too we find inspiration with this cascade of suspensions. Some plants in colored planters hanging from the ceiling and we get an original decorative element. Source: Truffaut