Tillfälle: the Ikea collection made in Brazil

Tillfälle: the Ikea collection made in Brazil

In February, Brazilian design is coming to Ikea in a limited edition. Bring some warmth into your interior by mixing natural materials, ethnic prints and very bright colors. For a colorful winter!

Colorful cuisine

ikea Colorful geometric patterns for an exotic cuisine: Brazil invites itself on your plate! Side table: 199 euros, plates: 2.99 euros each

A buffet in pop colors

ikea This buffet with retro accents is a subtle alliance between Scandinavian simplicity and Brazilian warmth. Buffet: 289 euros

Take it easy

ikea Relaxing atmosphere, both pep's and cozy. Coffee table: 119 euros, wood and leather stool: 59 euros

Natural design

ikea Treat yourself to a bench combining natural materials and clean lines for 109 euros. The prices of black candle holders with a mat finish vary between 19 and 59 euros.

The star of aperitifs

ikea A nice striped tray to serve both refreshments and hot drinks! Tray: 17.95 euros

Heat and light

ikea Brazil in small touches, hanging from your ceiling. Lampshade: 29.90 euros

A cozy floor

ikea Enhance your room with rugs in black and white graphic prints. Carpet: 79.90 euros

Samba and fireworks

ikea Cushions with multicolored prints for a Rio Carnival atmosphere. Cushion cover: 3.99 euros each

Optical illusion

ikea Beautiful printed rugs that create a play of perspective in your room. Flat woven carpet: 129 euros