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Old-fashioned saucepans show up in the kitchen!

Old-fashioned saucepans show up in the kitchen!

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The "grandma" look is trendy. Result, in the kitchen, we put the nose back in our old pans to offer you staged scenes from another time. Retro old-fashioned, for or against?

En masse

Attached in bulk to the wall, this assortment of old pots seems to make fun of traditional, wise and orderly storage codes. A deliberate hodgepodge that only brilliantly accentuates the retro flea market look!


Delicious collection of mini pans, all perched high to be better admired.

From the smallest to the biggest

Set of Russian dolls for these copper pans which, perched from the smallest to the largest, reinvent the wall decor of the kitchen.

In a staggered arrangement

Meticulously dispatched on the wall as we would for paintings, these copper pans are skillfully noticed.

In credence

Although modern, these pots and pans adopted one of the most popular settings in family homes of the time: to line up on the credenza bar. Authentic.


Falling down on a wall, a series of old cast iron pots orchestrates the decor from a very flea market angle, 1950s.

In a row

Hanging at the entrance to the room, a series of old pots playing decorative accessories set the tone.

In small touches

Hanging in the corner of the hood, a duo of very small pans discreetly winks at the retro style.

In wall decor

As a wall decoration, this modern kitchen has chosen to display its vintage finds: multiple-size pans fixed vertically like works of art stolen from the past. Discover other kitchen inspirations by HERE!