Decorative ideas around the fireplace

Decorative ideas around the fireplace

The pride of having a fireplace is to be able to warm up on a wood fire in winter, but also to give, thanks to its prestigious appearance, character to the living room. It remains to sublimate it with the help of decorative objects, the most common of which have been listed below:

A vase

Fly ### For some, the minimalism card is definitely the best. Demonstration with this large mirror accompanied by a highly graphic vase which, together, plant a resolutely chic style.

Large decorative photographs

### James Dean and Marilyn Monroe pose on the fireplace to make him gain in style and relief. An inspiration in black and white very "7th art" that we approve 200%!


### During this holiday season, it's impossible to ignore the "Christmas special" decorations! On the fireplace side, it will be a multitude of candles, candlesticks on feet and at its feet, piles of gifts at will!

Green plants

### Adorned with adorable transparent vases filled with green plants, the fireplace aligns with the vegetable trend. A natural that can only charm us!

A pretty lamp

### Come on, let's light up the fireplace! With large candlesticks and a beautiful table lamp, the objective is brilliantly assured.


### Works of art find a place of choice on the fireplace because posed here, they are sure to stand out. Demonstration with these sculptures framing in a prestigious way, the central mirror.

A large mirror

### If it is common to overcome the fireplace with a large mirror, it is because this choice has the honor of opening a window of reflection and brightness very welcome in the living room. It remains to decorate everything with a prestigious lamp and candlesticks and admire the staging!

Christmas socks

### Second customization of the fireplace exclusively for Christmas. Hanging socks to garnish with treats, a tradition that we never tire of, and it is not the foodies who will say the opposite!