3 nesting tables, several functions

3 nesting tables, several functions

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In the Ikéa PS 2012 collection, we have drawn a set of 3 nesting tables which fit together like matriochkas. Their advantage? Versatility. Coffee tables, bedside tables, children's desk or storage compartment, it is indeed up to us to choose their function!

Games table

Ikea ### As tall as three apples, our little wolves need furniture adapted to their size in order to indulge in endless construction, art or board games. A necessity for which the nesting tables lend themselves immediately to the game!

Trio coffee tables

Ikea ### The special feature of the nesting tables from the Ikéa PS 2012 collection is that, in addition to playing it "matriochkas", they play on the contrast of wood and steel materials. We therefore do not hesitate to deploy them in full in front of the sofa to form a nice gradient of sizes and colors ... and above all, create an original and modular coffee table as desired.

Plant holder

Ikea ### To showcase green, tall and generous plants, we give pride of place to our trio of nesting tables! Their low altitude and their base, as wide as it is stable, subtly emphasizes our green decor. Also to be used to stage a pretty lamp or a vase.

Glove box

Ikea ### In the entrance or nearby, it is always good to have a storage unit on which you can place the keys, the telephone, the mail and the pocket books. Easy to move, stack and occupy little space, our nesting tables perfectly achieve the required performance.

Duo coffee tables

Ikea ### We take on a graphic and offbeat style around the sofa thanks to our nesting stars, the second being superimposed on the third to form a coffee table in two stages. Stylized and practical!

Stackable seats

Ikea ### Around the coffee table in the living room, it is always useful to deploy a few extra seats so that the guests can take their places. These, by their large surface and their low size, should do the trick! In addition, they stack discreetly in a corner when not in use.

Decorative nesting tables

Ikea ### When the three nesting tables return to their primary function, the circle is complete! We place there, as on any pull-out piece of furniture, what sings us: tray, magazines, candles ... before stacking them one on the other in a corner to make room if necessary.