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10 exceptional animal trophies for children's rooms

10 exceptional animal trophies for children's rooms

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When hunting animal trends for the toddler bedroom, we selected 10 collectors wall trophies. Funny or poetic, knitted or cardboard, in the shape of a deer or an elephant, there is something for everyone and all worlds…


### Between an elephant with globular eyes and a squinting giraffe, it seems that humor and good humor are in the spotlight on the wall! We also like the choice of Scottish and Vichy check fabrics chosen in fresh and dainty colors.


### The buffalo style enters the arena with a bull's head ... all made of cardboard. A recuperated spirit clearly highlighted since here, no color or motif comes to dress the creation. And so much the better! Because raw cardboard is definitely very trendy!


### African inspiration for this adorable wall trophy in the shape of a zebra. On the material side, what more can I say except that the "knitting" aspect brilliantly confirms our desire for softness and cocooning?

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### Irresistible, this deer head covered with a patchwork of punchy colors has everything to cheerfully enliven the children's room. Or when the ethnic style comes to wake up our winter moods…

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### What a surprising animal trophy! Designed from recycled materials - cardboard, fabrics, rags, canvas or lace - it meets our ecological requirements ... and effectively zwing the walls of children. We love his strong dose of creativity, his dash of originality and his touch of madness!


### How about lighting the animal trophy lantern? This is the case of this fragile elk head like paper, diffusing a soft and subdued mood lighting. And one more night light for the room of the little wolves!


### Pretty prints of tiles and flowers on the bull's head, enough to soften and completely annihilate the sometimes fierce character of the animal.


### Let's offer angel wings to the polar bear so that it takes flight on the wall in a style imbued with charm and poetry…


### Sweetness first for this animal trophy in the shape of a deer. Its more? Be designed as a sweater for winter, between colored stripes and fine knit stitches.