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The 2015 Farrow & Ball Christmas Collection

The 2015 Farrow & Ball Christmas Collection

Farrow & Ball, emblematic brand of chic paint and wallpapers, presents its Christmas novelties. With these soft colors and these warm atmospheres, the English have once again everything good with this sublime collection. Discover our favorite selection.

A royal bed set

Farrow & Ball Sumptuous, the headboard made of wallpaper looks more real than life. This trompe-l'oeil ventilates the room and makes room for more lightness. A classic and timeless choice.

In balance

Farrow & Ball Soft colors in a vintage decor, Christmas wallpapers never cease to seduce us. Here are added beautiful dishes, touches of gold and holly, for a perfect balance.

British Christmas

Farrow & Ball Farrow & Ball revisits traditional Christmas colors. The green-white-red trio gives way to "Stiffkey blue", an intense blue reminiscent of Stiffkey beach, in Norfolk (England). An elegant British-style table.

An elegant table with refined colors

Farrow & Ball The art of the table is neat and expertly decorated around the Stiffkey blue. Ceramic bowls, dishes, chairs, nothing is left to chance to make the colors and elegance characteristic of the English brand dance.

The wallpaper goes down on the table

Farrow & Ball Who said the wallpaper only goes to the wall? These exquisite table runners will decorate the Christmas meal and will be of the most beautiful effect. A simple and effective decoration tip.

A chic and festive table runner

Farrow & Ball For a chic and festive atmosphere, play with colors and dots of light. The table runner will be all the more majestic.

A Japanese touch

Farrow & Ball The English are open to the world. The proof with this incredible Japanese three-color table runner. A discreet gray tablecloth highlights the wallpaper and the dishes.

An original paper Christmas tree

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper has never been so creative! Mix styles and patterns to create a most original Christmas tree.

Personalized gift wrap

Farrow & Ball Ideal for gift wrapping, Farrow & Ball wallpapers alternate metallic and soft touches. The opportunity to shine by offering sumptuous mismatched gifts.