10 great breakfast recipes

10 great breakfast recipes

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Looking for simple and quick ideas to prepare for a full and delicious breakfast? To indulge yourself without depriving yourself, here are our ten healthy and delicious recipes to enhance your daily life without risking an eleven-hour snack.

Glutten-free cookies

Sally's baking addiction You can't get any lighter than this ultra-gourmet cookie recipe made without refined sugar, oil and butter. Fragrant and crunchy, these delicious cookies are sure to appeal to fans of the gluten-free trend. Source: Sally's baking addiction

Healthy granolas

Lia Griffith To be on top throughout the day, opt for a bowl of granola. To do this, simply mix oatmeal, almonds and honey. Accompanied by a plain yogurt and some fresh fruit, it is the necessary anti-depression that allows us to fill up on energy and be in a good mood, as soon as we jump out of bed. Source: Lia Griffith

Pancakes for gluten intolerant

Fit und gluecklich To cheer up without risking to gain extra pounds, we put on this healthy pancake recipe revisited with quinoa. Enjoy with fruit or drizzle with syrup. Source: Fit und gluecklich

Oat banana cake

Ceara kitchen Do you have bananas and oats at home? Then you have everything you need to make your own morning cake! This balanced and complete meal will give you strength for the whole day. Source: Ceara kitchen

A detox crumble

Averie cooks If detox recipes are generally based on onion, it is also possible to concoct with other foods such as blueberries. The proof with this detox crumble recipe based on fruits, cereals and various flours. A real treat ! Source: Averie cooks

An American recipe

Foodie crush Are you tempted by warm, fluffy blueberry bread? Neither too sweet nor too high in calories, this "cake" is a real pleasure to taste. A good way to have fun without feeling guilty. Source: Foodie crush

A fruity breakfast

Lizzie Fuhr Swap your traditional bowl for an edible container. Once your half melon is emptied, all you have to do is add a little yogurt, a few red fruits stuffed with vitamins and antioxidants and a handful of cereals. A recipe that promises to give you a boost and will allow you to last until noon without the risk of cravings. Source: Pop Sugar

A light apple pie

Real housemoms Immersion in the United States with this recipe that revisits the apple pie, this iconic cake of American pastry. Its originality: the use of oats in the making of these bars. Source: Real housemoms

A revisited sandwich

Greatist A few spinach leaves, a pan-fried egg, a wheat toast, a cheddar slice and a pinch of salt and pepper ... this is the successful cocktail of this particularly enticing recipe. Yum ! Source: Greatist


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